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PC1700MJS Odyssey 12v 875 CCA Standard Automotive AGM Battery

PC1700MJS Odyssey 12v 875 CCA Standard Automotive AGM Battery
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BatteryStuff Part #: PC1700MJS

The standard PC1700MJS comes with the SS 5/16 stud terminals

PC1700MJS Odyssey 12v 875 CCA Standard Automotive AGM Battery
Product Description

Vehicles today are loaded with more electronics than ever before, and you have to make sure that your battery can keep up.  No one keeps up with high drain like Odyssey, so don't settle for less.  Odyssey batteries are made with pure virgin lead, allowing a greater number of stronger thinner plates than batteries made with lead alloys.  All these extra plates lead to higher output, as much as twice the overal power of most competitors, and an average of three times the life of conventional vehicle batteries.  In fact, Odyssey batteries can discharge up to 80% for 400 cycles!  Only Odyssey can deliver the massive starting power, plus deep discharge ability, and continue to do it time and again. 

  • 36 Month Warranty
  • 1700 Peak starting amps
  • Made with Virgin Lead
  • Made in the USA!

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Technical Specifications
Length 13.02
Width 6.62
Height 6.93
Weight 60.9 LBS
20 HR AH 68 AH
5 sec Pulse 1700 Amps
C.C.A. 875 Amps
Voltage 12 V
Warranty 3 Year
Model: PC1700MJS
Manufacturer: Odyssey
Manufacturer Part #: PC1700MJS
Made In: USA
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