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Battery Equaliser (24) case 12 Ounce

Battery Equaliser (24) case 12 Ounce
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BatteryStuff Part #: BE12OZx24

Order it by the case and save money. Easy to use 12oz ‘squirt’ type bottle

Battery Equaliser (24) case 12 Ounce
Product Description

The Problem ~ Internal Resistance & Sulfation
Lead acid batteries have changed very little in 70 years. From the initial application of the electrolyte, sulfation begins coating the lead plates causing internal resistance. Aging batteries lose overall performance and require increased maintenance (more water) and charging time. Sulfation will eventually choke out any electrical activity. Stored and inactive batteries accelerate the problem of sulfation, leading to REDUCED BATTERY LIFE.


The Solution ~ Reduces Resistance & Sulfation
A small amount of Battery Equaliser to each cell will mix with the existing electrolyte solution. The improved battery chemistry will dissolve existing sulfation and prevent new deposits from forming for years to come. Batteries will charge faster, hold a charge longer, reduce terminal corrosion and reduce gassing (water consumption). Follow normal battery maintenance and DOUBLE BATTERY LIFE WITH ONLY ONE TREATMENT

To use in: Cars, Trucks, Boats, RVs, and Forklifts.

  • 12 Volt Car Battery–1/2 oz. per cell
  • 12 Volt Deep Cycle Battery–1 oz. per cell
  • 6 Volt Car Battery–1 oz. per cell
  • 6 Volt Golf Cart Battery–2 oz. per cell
  • 12 Volt Large Truck Battery–2 oz, per cell (8HD or 8D)
  • 24-36-48 Volt Forklift Battery–3 1/2 oz. per cell
  • STN & 6TL Batteries–For Military Use 1 oz. per cell

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Technical Specifications
Weight 19
Shipping Weight (lb.) 20
Model: BE12OZx24
Manufacturer: Battery Equaliser
Manufacturer Part #: BE12OZx24
Made In: USA
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