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Samlex 12v 2000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter SA-2000K-112

Samlex 12v 2000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter SA-2000K-112
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BatteryStuff Part #: SA-2000K-112

Samlex 12v 2000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter SA-2000K-112
Product Description

Converts 12VDC to 120 VAC, ± 5%

The SA-2000K-112 industrial grade inverter is capable of driving highly reactive and capacitive loads. With a high efficiency microprocessor controlled DC-AC inverter converts 12 Volts DC (Nominal) to 2000 watts of pure sine-wave AC power at 120 Volts, 50/60 Hz (Selectable by switch). offers PURE SINE WAVE (aka true sine wave) that provides high-end specialty users power portability for sensitive electronic equipment. The clean power delivered by a Pure Sine Wave is of the same quality and efficiency as the power provided by your utility company, which is not the case with the cheaper and more popular modified sine inverters.

We highly recommend the use of Pure Sine Wave Inverters to power Computers and related peripheral devices; i.e. printers, optical drives, laser copiers, and if in doubt check with the manufacturer of your equipment.

Other devices that benefit when Pure Sine Wave power is used are variable speed control motors using solid state circuitry, Audio Amplifiers, Digital Clocks and Radios, Medical Equipment, Microwaves, etc.

  • Pure sine wave output (THD < 3%)
  • Switch selectable output frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
  • Switch selectable Power Save Mode wherein the inverter shuts off non essential circuitry and reduces its no load self consumption till it sees a minimum programmed load (40 - 280 Watts)
  • Optional wired remote controls for switching and monitoring the operation. Includes Ignition Lockout and Reverse Over-ride Function (ROF)
  • Input and output are fully isolated
  • Advanced micro-controller
  • 2 load controlled cooling fans save power consumption
  • 3 tri-color LEDs display operational status and fault indications
PLEASE NOTE: Many electrical devices require a good deal more Watts to start or energize than is required run once started. For instance an electric motor may require only 900 watts to run but need may 2300 watts to start. Please check with the manufacturer of your equipment to obtain minimum watts for starting operation of the equipment or device.
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Samlex S-R8 Inverter Remote
This simple switch allow the user to remotely switch on or off any SA / SK / ST series inverter made by Samlex. Allows for simple hookup with one phone jack type connector, there is no cutting and splicing necessary!

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Technical Specifications
Length 16.6
Width 8.18
Height 6.53
Weight 19.8
Shipping Weight (lb.) 25
Output Voltage 120 VAC ± 5%
Output Frequency 50 / 60 Hz +/- 0.05% (Selected by Switch)
Type of Output Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Total Harmonic Distortion of Output Waveform < 3%
Continuous Output Power (At Power Factor = 1) 2000 W
Surge Output Power (At Power Factor = 1) 4000 W for 3 sec
Peak Efficiency (At Full Load) 89%
AC Output Connection Dual NEMA5-20R receptacles with GFCI protection; Terminal strip for hardwiring
Nominal DC Input Voltage 12 VDC
DC Input Voltage Range 10.5 to 15 VDC ± 0.2 VDC
DC Input Power at No Load (Power Save on) 0.6 A
DC Input Power at No Load (Power Save Off) 2.8 A
DC Input Connections M-8 bolt and nut / Wire with M-8 ring lug terminal
Power Save (Sleep Mode) Enable or Disable by Switch Wake up power: 40 to 280 W (switch selectable)
Display Input Voltage, Output Power, Status By steady / flashing patterns of three, 3- color LEDs
Wired Remote(Simple Version)(Optional) SR-8 with 10 ft cable
Wired Remote(Upgraded Version)(Optional) SR-6-12 with 10 ft cable
Low DC Input Voltage Alarm 10.5,± 0.2 VDC
Low DC Input Voltage Shutdown 10.0,± 0.2 VDC
High DC Input Voltage Shutdown 15.0,± 0.2 VDC
Short Circuit Shutdown Yes
Overload Shutdown Yes
Ground Fault Shutdown Yes. Only for the GFCI protected dual NEMA5-20R receptacles
Over Temperature Shutdown Yes
Reverse Polarity On DC Input Side Yes. Internal fuses will blow
Forced Air Cooling 2 load controlled fans: ON > 300W ; OFF < 160W
Operating Temperature Range 0°C to + 40°C
Safety Meets UL-458
EMI / EMC Meets FCC Part 15(B), Class A
Warranty 2-Year
Model: SA-2000K-112
Manufacturer: Samlex
Manufacturer Part #: SA-2000K-112

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