AGM Batteries carries a wide range of AGM batteries for most applications. While there are many benefits to a Sealed Lead Acid AGM Battery, one of the key benefits is they are a maintenance free battery.  The battery is designed to recycle gases that are produced within the battery, which means no watering required! AGM batteries are often referred to as a sealed lead acid battery (SLA) or valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) battery, and are often mistaken for gel batteries. AGM batteries have a low self-discharge rate of about 3% a month to start. The average lifespan of an AGM battery is about 5 years, while many high performance pure lead AGM batteries can go much longer.

AGM batteries outperform most lead acid batteries when it comes to high amp loads. This is due to the electrolyte being suspended in a fiberglass matting that surrounds the lead plates. This benefit also means they can hold a higher voltage under load, while a typical lead acid battery will have a significant voltage drop. This means that AGM batteries can also outperform a wet cell or gel cell battery a lower capacity levels. All these benefits are why carries more AGM batteries than any other type of battery.

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