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6-volt and 12-volt VRLA Standby Batteries for Alarm Systems, Scooters

You can keep your kids and their electric scooters, cars and ride-on toys on the go with a tough, long-lasting sealed VRLA battery (valve-regulated lead acid) or SLA battery (sealed lead acid) from

6 Volt

All 6 Volt

12 Volt

1 to 5 Amp Hours.

6 to 15 Amp Hours

16 to 40 Amp Hours




Our 6-volt and 12-volt VRLAs are also an excellent choice for a variety of other applications, including:

  • Fire and security alarms
  • APC battery back-up systems and other standby systems
  • Various types of detectors

These batteries have standard case designs. If you can't find a battery for your specific application, simply measure your existing battery and shop by dimensions. Make sure you match the original battery's voltage and amp hour capacity, which is typically listed with the part number.

To get long life from your sealed VRLA battery, it must be charged as soon as possible after use. You'll find the right charger for the job on our battery charger page. To learn more about batteries and chargers, visit our tutorials page.

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