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36 Volt Smart Battery Chargers and Maintainers

All of our new generation 36 volt battery chargers are engineered for precision recharging to promote battery life, deliver consistent reliability and prevent overcharging mistakes. These 36 volt Smart Chargers do all the work for you! All our 36v chargers have diagnostic capability that run on microprocessor technology just like your computer. Simply connect your 36v battery pack to your 36v dc charger and let it run. It sets the current flow, charge time and shut off time or float mode automatically.

Choose your exact charger application and type from our inventory below.

New Generation 36 Volt Smart Chargers for Diverse Applications

Marine Applications: Features include rugged waterproof construction without mounting provisions. Marine Chargers are completely automatic and have sophisticated features such as overload and circuit protection, LED readout, and spark free hookup.

Small Electrical Vehicle Applications: Chargers used for battery recharging in small electrical vehicles such as golf carts, personal carriers, floor sweepers and electric scooters have experienced giant technological advances over the last few years. 36v Smart Chargers have features such as demand sensing that allow for constant battery monitoring that automatically switches to a float or standby when battery is at full capacity. The float charge holds the battery in a constant 100% ready state.

Gel Cell Chargers: Smart technology will pre-qualify all batteries before initializing a charge. Certain models also have a unique patented pulse mode circuitry that promotes older battery restoration and prolongs performance.

Multi Voltage Input Chargers: Can be used worldwide and have a Smart Switching Point feature that adjusts current output automatically according to battery capacity. This charger is ideal for small electrical applications that are entirely battery run and need constant recharging. The smart technology keeps available battery power at 100%.

36v Battery Maintainers and Conditioners: These products are not used for charging but for boosting charging ability and restoring poor performance due to battery neglect or poor maintenance. Regular use of a Battery Maintainer or Conditioner will keep a 36v battery in top notch condition and increase life span by up to 3 times.

36v Chargers that are Built to Last

The small difference in the price of Smart Charger vs. a standard type 36 volt charger will pay for itself quickly. You will benefit by saving on battery replacement, optimizing battery performance and minimizing charge time. Battery charging has truly become a science.The new high efficiency lead acid type batteries need more capable charging techniques. The 36 volt Smart Charger will deliver.

When you select a product from, you will get the highest quality recharging products available on the market today. No more frequent battery replacements and no more headaches with batteries that won't start when you need them most. You'll find that we offer the latest products and provide exceptional customer service. Out motto, "We Got the Stuff" says it all!

*Exclusions may apply for large, oversize items.  Flat Rate shipping is for the lower 48 states only.