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RV Batteries

Whether you're going on a family camping trip or preparing for a drive across the country, a quality battery for your recreational vehicle is essential. A camper battery must be able to power your non-engine systems—such as lights, water pump, furnace and other appliances—for extended periods of time.

Select the best RV battery in variety of configurations; a 6v deep-cycle, 12v AGM or 12v gel cell battery will keep your motorhome, RV, or camper powered for the long haul.

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12 Volt Gel-Cell Batteries

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6 Volt Deep Cycle Batteries | 180-225 Amp Hours



What Is the Best Type of Battery for an RV or camper?

A high-performance RV battery will help you get the most out of your recreational vehicle or camper. We offer a broad selection of affordable deep cycle batteries for all types of campers and RV trailers:

  • AGM (absorbed glass mat) and gel batteries are designed for regular discharges to about 50% capacity before recharging for long cycle life.
  • AGM batteries are preferred when a high burst of amps may be required. They also have the ability hold under large loads to about 80% depth of discharge over a gel or wet cell batery; however, cycle life can dimish quickly by going below 50%.
  • A gel battery can withstand the deeper depth of discharge in terms of cycle life. If you need to cycle a battery below 50% depth of discharge, and the load you are pulling out of the battery is small, then a gel battery would be recommend. Gel batteries are also freeze and heat resist, which make them preferable for extreme climates.

For a RV or camper, ideally, you should aim to create a battery pack that give you what you need, without deeply discharging the battery below 50% of capacity.

If your having trouble selecting the proper battery for your camper, check out our BCI Common Group Size Chart to help you find the right one. If you have a renewable energy system in your RV, check out our solar photovoltaic batteries for an environmentally friendly alternative.

Still not sure which battery is best for your RV or camper? Contact us for a prompt and accurate recommendation of your battery needs.

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