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I am a hands on guy. I find that concepts can sometime be hard to grasp without a bit of visual stimulation. Don’t tell me how to install a battery, show me! Rather than explaining how a series/parallel battery installation ought to be done, give me a visual demonstration. If you are like me, this section will be right up your alley. Sit back, put your feet up, and get some learnin’ done right here.

To view our entire video library, including commercials, races, and non-techy videos check out our  Youtube Icon Page.


  • AGM Battery Visual Tour
    The Absorbed Glass Matte is a type of Lead Acid Battery. The plates inside the battery cells are covered with active materials, and when a load is applied, the electrolyte in the glass matte allows for easy discharge of electrons.

    What does this mean? Watch to find out! read more
  • Battery Banks Series - Parallel Tutorial
    A battery bank is the result of joining two or more batteries together for a single application. What does this accomplish? Well, by connecting batteries, you can increase the voltage or amperage, or both. When you need more power, instead of getting yourself a massive super tanker of a battery, you can construct a battery bank. read more
  • Do you have any Solar Panel Installation Tips? - RV and Marine
    Yes! Please refer to our Solar Panel Installation Tips article. You can also check out our Solar Tutorials, or call 541-474-4421 for Tech Help. read more
  • Quick Cable RESCUE Jump Pack 1800
    On the coldest day of the year, Quick Cable took the RESCUE Jump Pack 1800 to a local car dealer to help jump cars with dead batteries. Of the 110 vehicles on the lot, 11 needed a jump. After starting all 11 dead vehicles, the jump pack's battery status meter was still in the green. All indications were the RESCUE Jump Pack could have continued jump starting more vehicles...without re-charging the jump pack even once. read more
  • Be Prepared - Jump Start Pack
    One of the guys left his lights on, and we jumped on the opportunity to show you, what not to do...and what you should do.
    First the don't: 200 ft, 5 different types of extension cords, 30 amp charging...very bad.
    The do: Be prepared with a jump start pack. read more
  • Warranty Test Tutorial
    One of the facts of life is that batteries fail. Some take years, but eventually they will all bite the dust. Rest assured it is uncommon for our customers to experience battery issues, as less then 1% of the powersports batteries we sell end up requiring a warranty. Our Scorpion brand and Yuasa brand from Motocross come with a 1 year replacement warranty against manufacturer defects. If the battery is suspect and is still under warranty, we will replace it. read more

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