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12 Volt Battery Charger

At, we have a wide selection of 12v battery chargers. Whether you are choosing a low amperage 12v battery tender or need a high amperage charger for an off-grid home battery pack, we have the stuff!

Many of our 12v smart battery chargers have unique adjustability features and modes for many battery types, such as: flooded, lithium, gel cell, or AGM.

Below choose from a variety of 12 chargers/maintainers available in various amp ratings for your specific application.

Have questions or need help finding the best 12v battery charger for your application? Email our support team or call our tech line at 541-474-4421. We are here to help you find the correct charger!

Use the links below to find the right type of charger for your application:


High-Quality 12 Volt Battery Chargers

A high-quality 12-volt battery charger is one that is microprocessor controlled and will maintain a battery after it is fully charged, without overcharging the battery. Chargers like Battery Tender, Battery Saver, CTEK, and Pulse Tech offer smart chargers that can be left on a battery for long periods of time. These type of chargers have built-in safety features that will stop the charger from charging if it has been in the charge mode too long. At BatteryStuff we pride ourselves on carrying the best quality battery chargers that solve problems, not cause them!

Why Should I Use a 12v Battery Charger?

A 12-volt battery trickle charger is the most valuable tool in saving the life of your battery and is responsible for keeping it charged and ready to go when you need it. Using the proper charger for your application is crucial to your battery. Some manufacturers of gel cell, solar and AGM batteries will not honor warranties if the proper 12v battery maintainer isn’t used.

Take the guesswork out of battery charging with a 12-volt battery charger from BatteryStuff. Order today.

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