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8 Volt Battery Chargers and Maintainers

Bring your golf cart, antique car or tractor batteries back to life with an 8 volt deep cycle charger. Avoid overcharging with a fully automatic 8 volt battery charger that properly maintains your battery, even in long term storage situations. Make sure your golf cart or tractor is ready when you are with an 8 volt lead acid battery charger by Battery Tender.

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Battery Tender Jr 8v 1.25 Amp High Efficiency Charger 022-0197
Part No. 022-0197
Size (L×W×H)
3 516 × 2 516 × 1 ⅞ in

How do you know if your battery is 6 volt, 8 volt or 12 volt?

Simply count the number of cells. You can do this by counting the number of round individual cell caps, or removing the “strip” type cell vent covers and counting the access holes for each cell. Each cell accounts for 2 volts (2.2 actually). So if you have 3 cells, it is 6 volt, 4 cells is 8 volts, and so on.

Do NOT use an 8 volt battery charger on a 6 volt battery. Do not use a 6 volt charger on an 8 volt battery; it will actually discharge it. Find out more about how batteries work.

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