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48 Volt Smart Battery Chargers

Smart maintainers for 48 volt batteries keep golf cart and marine batteries sufficiently powered, and they can also provide charging power for gel cell batteries. You’ll also find 48v battery chargers for restoration purposes, designed to remove the sulfation built up on lead plates. Whether you’re looking for a 4 bank charger for your boat or a golf cart battery maintainer to keep your Club Car charged and ready for a round of golf, BatteryStuff has the 48 volt charger you need to sustain consistent charging.

48 Volt Battery Maintainers

Smart chargers provide more efficient battery maintenance for better performance and greater longevity of your 48v batteries. Investing in a smart charger will save you money in battery replacement for your golf cart or boat, not to mention headaches with battery reliability.

The Eagle Performance line made by Dual Pro / Pro Charging Systems are made in the USA chargers that utilize a patented Delta Volt technology that finish feeds the battery to a full 100%, and it will do this slowly without hurting the battery. On batteries that are still in good condition, this finish stage is quite fast, while batteries that are older may take extra time need to get to 100%.

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How long does it take to charge a 48v golf cart?

The time it takes to charge a 48 volt golf cart battery pack depends on the battery pack capacity, the current state of charge, and the charging current of the 48 volt smart charger. With all of these figures, you can get a pretty good estimate on how long it will take, but it will just be an estimate as smart chargers need extra time to finish charging the batteries.

The Math:

First, you need to know how many amps you need to put back into the battery pack. This requires you to know the Amp/Hour rating of your battery pack. It is most likely printed on one of the batteries as an AH rating, and if you have several ratings, you want to select the 20-HR rating.

Next, you need to determine the current state of the batteries you are charging. This is something you are going to need to estimate based off a battery level gauge on your golf cart. Having a battery gauge is a crucial must-have device for determining when you need to charge your battery pack. These gauges help keep you from excessively discharging your batteries, thereby increasing the battery life.

By looking at the reading on the gauge, it will give you an estimate of what is left in your battery pack, so if your gauge says it is at 50%, and you have a 200 AH rated battery pack, then you know your batteries need to be charged up 100 Amps. Take this number and divide it by the amp rating of your 48 volt smart charger, which will give you an estimate to begin working with. Keep in mind this estimate doesn’t take into account the smart charging factor of 48-volt smart chargers.

Today's smart chargers can greatly differ in quality, which is why we only try to sell the best 48-volt smart chargers available. With good quality smart charger you will need to add 10-25% extra time to account for finish charging stage. On a newer battery pack you will most likely only need to add 10 to 15% extra time, but on an older battery pack you'll most likely find yourself adding 15 to 25% extra time, and maybe more if your batteries are on their last leg. Also keep in mind that when selecting a charger you don't always want to go with the fastest charger, as that charger might simply be shutting down prematurely not getting your batteries to a 100% charge.