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Modified Sine Wave Inverter Charger is pleased to offer a selection of modified sine wave inverter chargers. A modified sine wave inverter charger combines both the inverter and battery charger in a single unit. Modified sine wave inverter chargers are meant to run basic non-microprocessor electronics like pumps, heaters, and power tools.

Modified sine wave Inverter chargers are commonly installed in commercial vehicles, boats, and off-grid locations that run basic electronics and where AC power is intermittent. When AC power is present, it powers the onboard charger enabling you to charge your battery pack while simultaneously passing through the AC current to power your devices.

If you need help sizing a battery-powered inverter charger, we have a tutorial on how to size an inverter and the battery pack.  Or our tech support team is always available to assist customers with helpful pointers.

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Xantrex 806-1020 | Freedom HF 1000 12v 1000 Watt Modified Sine Wave Inverter Charger
Out of Stock
Part No. 806-1020
Size (L×W×H)
15.5 × 9.5 × 4.2 in
10 lb