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DC to AC Inverters


At, we carry two types of battery-powered DC to AC power inverters: modified sine wave and pure sine wave inverters. Modified sine wave inverters are an economical option for those trying to run basic devices like pumps, heaters, power tools, and other types of non-microproccessored devices.

Pure sine wave inverters, also known as true sine wave inverters, are needed for devices that require cleaner energy, such as TVs, computers, and home electronics that have microprocessors (computer chips) built into them. Pure sine wave inverters mimic the power you would expect when plugging into your home and produce clean power needed for power sensitive devices.

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Get True AC Power From A DC Power Source With A Sine Wave Power Inverter

Modified sine wave inverters cost less, but their power isn't as “clean” as you would get from a true sine wave inverter. Pure sine inverters provide power as you get from a household outlet.

You Need A Pure Sine Wave Battery Power Inverter/Converter When:

Power Inverter Assistance

Your costly electronic equipment deserves the pure, reliable high power that only a true sine wave inverter can give you. If you have any questions about selecting the right wattage of DC to AC converter for your devices, the staff at is ready to help. Whether you have additional questions about modified wave power inverters, or simply want some friendly advice about the best wave inverter for your recreational or commercial needs, we're here for you.

All you need to do is check the power requirements of your equipment, and call our Tech line at 541-474-4421 during business hours. Just mention that you're looking for a pure sine wave inverter and we'll help you find just what you need.