Aircraft Approved Battery Chargers

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Your Aircraft is a special thing, so you want to be sure that the batteries do not let you down. The aircraft specific chargers on this page are designed to be sure that your batteries are maintained in the most precise way possible, using the latest in today's technology. As such, each of these chargers include a fully integrated microprocessor to make sure that your Aircraft battery is charged to its ideal state of charge, and never overcharged.

Aircraft Intelligent Charging

IMPORTANT!! All Aviation specific BatteryMINDer models are designed exclusively for use with either SEALED (AGM-non liquid) or Flooded (liquid w/ filler caps) as manufactured by Concorde, Gill and EnerSys (Odyssey, Hawker) for use on non-commercial aircraft specifically approved by FAA and/or PMA. ALL these types, regardless of manufacture are based on LEAD-ACID chemistry, NOT Nickel Cadmium, Nickel Metal Hydride, or any other chemistry-construction. If you have any doubt about the battery you intend to use with any of our BatteryMINDer products, please confirm these facts with the maker of your particular battery type.

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BatteryMinder, by VDC

All of our current line of Air craft and Airplane approved battery chargers are made by VDC, the makers of BatteryMinder. These specialty chargers are designed to properly charge, maintain and desulphate your batteries. What this means is that each and every time you are ready to use your aircraft, it is ready to go. With the BatteryMinder patented desulphation method, you can be sure that your expensive battery is going to last as long as possible.

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