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Multi-Bank Battery Chargers

When it is necessary to charge more than one battery at once, make sure that you have a quality charger that is capable of handling your batteries. If you’re in need of a marine, wheel chair, aircraft-approved or golf cart battery maintainer or charger, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you are looking for something to charge two batteries, or twelve batteries, look below to see if there is a multi-bank battery charger here to suit your needs.

Multi Bank Battery Chargers 2 Amps and Under

Multi Bank Battery Chargers 3-6 Amps

Multi Bank Battery Chargers 7 Amps and Up

*Exclusions may apply for large, oversize items.  Flat Rate shipping is for the lower 48 states only.



Multi-Bank Charging Options

Each of the Chargers listed here have 12 volt outputs. Choose from Deltran, ChargeTek, Guest, Pulse Tech, Samlex, Dual Pro, Genius, Interacter, and Autometer, for your specific charging needs. Look at the Samlex Multi-Bank chargers specifications if you need a charger that is capable of handling a load and charging a battery at the same time. If you are looking for a commercial grade shop charger, there are options from Deltran, Interacter, Autometer, and Pulse Tech. These chargers are the perfect choice for commercial battery shops, heavy equipment yards, sales lots or if you just need to keep several batteries in prime condition. Beyond that, it is a matter of you deciding which options are important to you. Do you need a wall unit or a bench top charger? Do you need the ability to charge bigger batteries or only maintain the small stuff? Take a look at the choices presented here to decide which charger will best suit your needs.

Multi-Bank Marine Options

We also have an incredible selection of Marine battery chargers ranging from one (1) to six (6) outputs for nearly any configuration of 12 volt lead acid batteries. From shop chargers to trickle chargers, from Gel batteries to AGM batteries, we have the Multi-Bank battery charger you need. If you are looking for a charger for your boat batteries, check out Genius, Guest and Dual Pro chargers; they use individual transformers and individual microprocessors to monitor each bank of batteries separately. This allows the charger to monitor each battery separately and bring each one to its peak capacity. Each battery will remain in a optimally charged condition in order to prevent damaging sulphation and other battery problems. We know that it is an annoying experience when you get your boat to the lake, only to find out your battery does not have enough charge to get you started. To prevent this from happening, you'll want to make sure you have a battery charger to keep your favorite toys' batteries full of juice and ready to go when you are.

Smart Charging Technology

With each and every charger listed here, overcharging is a thing of the past. With fully integrated microprocessor controlled outputs, these Multi-Bank chargers will read your individual batteries to keep them at their ideal charged state. If you need more information about sizing your unique application, please check out our tutorials how batteries work, and our battery chargers tutorial for answers. Also, you can call our Technical line at 541-474-4421 or email us. is fully dedicated to finding a solution to your individual needs.

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