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Solar Panel Kits RV/Marine

These Solar Kits are perfect for RVs, House Boats, and remote charging locations. Choose from single battery system kits, to dual battery charging kits that are perfect for maintaining house batteries as well as a starting battery system. You can also browse our full catalog of solar battery chargers for more options. 

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Part No. MSK-90
Part No. SSP-100-KIT
Size (L×W×H)
21.73 × 47.25 in × 1.39 in
Part No. MSK-135
Out of Stock
Part No. SSP-150-KIT
Size (L×W×H)
26 × 58.03 in × 1.39 in



If you are looking for that extra bit of power while out RV-ing or on the water, look no further. These kits are made for maintaining and aiding in the recharging of house battery systems.  If you have any questions about the sizing of an appropriate panel for your specific application, please give us a call at 541-474-4421, or chat with us live during business hours. 

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