Solar Chargers for 12 and 24 Volt Applications

Solar power is a very fast growing industry. As a result, there has been a long running shortage of silicon for solar panels, which has traditionally led to high solar panel prices. Based on volume purchasing power, is proud to offer competitive pricing for smaller solar panel battery charger items that are often in short supply.

4 Watts and Under

These are small solar panels that are 4 watts and less. Ranging  from units with stands, mountable units, and panels that plug into car cigarette lighters, all are small and designed to maintain batteries that have no load. They are not meant to re-charge drained batteries. Recommended uses include long-term car, power-sports, and marine starting battery maintenance.

5 to 10 watts

The mid-sized 5-10 watt panels range from panels with cigarette lighter adaptors, to panels from mounting, to industrial unbreakable panels.  These are designed to maintain mid-size batteries and are recommended for use in electric gate openers, fence chargers, dual battery starting systems, and industrial equipment.

11 Watts and Up

These panels range from small charging kits for marine and industrial use, to large RV and Marine panels with real charging power.  We recommend using the smaller panels in this section for maintenance of larger batteries, and the large panels for actual re-charging and stay extension. They are also prime candidates for remote battery bank systems, when used in multiples, and for charging trolling motor batteries.

Solar RV / Marine Kits

The RV and Marine Kits we offer are a combination of our largest panels with the necessary hardware, controller, wire and connectors that allow you to mount them on an RV or Marine deck.  Depending on location, the larger kits can be used to bring a partially discharged battery back to full charge within one day.

Foldable / Portable

These portable panels are the ideal for those who are out and about in the wilderness and need some power for cell phones, GPS units, or Ipods.  The smaller ones listed on this page will be best suited for small devices that will have several hours to charge, while the larger panels are better for larger lead-acid type batteries and will need a controller.  These panels cannot be used to power an inverter without having a battery in-between.

Solar Charge Controllers

The accessories listed on this page go with some, or all of the panels that we sell.  Some of the controllers are very specific to the panel, and some are universal with amperage limits.  They range from the smallest, at 6 amps 12 volts, to the larger ones at 25 amps, 12/24 volts.

Solar Accessories

Our selection of mounting brackets allow for mounting solar panels on flat surfaces for a perpendicular angle, as well as others that can be adjusted for a range of angles. We have brackets that fit our smallest 3 watt solar panel as well as others better suited for our largest 127 watt solar panel.

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Solar Battery Charger Panels 5 to 10 Watts

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Check out these tutorials and videos that outline basics, installation, and wiring hookup information. 

Solar Tutorial

Solar Calculator

Solar Panel Installation

Battery Banks Tutorial


If you have any questions after looking through our tutorials and videos, please call us at 541-474-4421, or chat with us live during business hours.

Solar Powered Battery Charging Systems

Portable solar battery chargers are perfect for maintaining and extending the life of 12V power systems for Cars, Trucks, Tractors, Motorcycles, Boats, ATVs, RVs, and Mowers. Additionally solar panel charging systems can be set up for 24 and 48 volt DC systems and can be used to supply your cabin with electricity.

We have a variety of solar battery charger power supplies, from small trickle car charger solar unit to large solar RV and auto battery chargers. The best thing about our solar battery charger is that they are maintenance free and easy to use. Please take a few minutes and read our Solar Powered Battery Charger Tutorial.

Using the Natural Charging Power of the Sun

Using solar panel power is easy and environmentally friendly. How does it work? The solar panel plates are exposed to daylight. Through clear medium, the solar powered battery charger converts the suns rays into low voltage DC electricity, providing power that can be stored or used. Solar battery chargers are the best solution for your portable solar power needs because they have various power levels to suit every requirement.

  • has solar battery chargers in the 2 to 30 watt range
  • We also have solar battery charger controllers to cover solar panel systems up to 200 watts
  • We have a variety of portable and stationary 12 volt solar cell battery chargers
  • Featured Solar Panel brand names include Sunlinq and ICP Sunsei, which are flexible and foldable
  • We also have a trickle solar car battery charger unit as well as RV and marine chargers

If you require a number of solar panels please contact us. We have sources for larger 60 to 120 watt solar panels.

Solar Auto Battery Chargers Usage

You can use solar car battery chargers to harness energy to manage your power needs for your automobiles.  Typically you can run the solar car battery charger through your cigarette lighter to charge your battery.  Some of the Solar panels are set up specifically to function as solar car battery chargers, and some are able to do so after a little tweaking.  If you have any questions, please call our tech team at 541-474-4421 to discuss your solar car battery charger needs.

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How Do You Use A Solar Battery Car Charger?

Simply place it on the dashboard of your automobile and plug it into the cigarette lighter. It will then utilize sunlight to generate the power you need for your vehicle. To ensure the charge is present, the Solar Car Battery Charger has an L.E.D. light that indicates when it is on. It's that simple.

Check out our products above to find the solar car charger that fits your needs.

Charge Controllers

Why use a charge controller? We recommend that you use a solar charge controller on any photovoltaic system when the total watt output of your panels is 5 watts or higher. In simple terms, these units act as an on/off switch for your solar panel. This prevents the panels from overcharging your battery or batteries when they reach full charge. The controller measures the voltage in the battery and shuts off when fully charged, and turns back on when the battery voltage drops. This allows your panel to act as a smart battery charger, giving you worry free solar battery charging.

Helpful Hints

Controllers are typically rated in amps, with the ratings meaning how high an amp current it can safely pass. Solar panels are rated in watts. A typical 15 watt solar panel will produce about 1 amp-hour per hour of solar power. Keep in mind that when testing your solar charge controller, that it will NOT allow power to pass when not connected to a battery. Please read our Solar Tutorial, or use our Solar Calculator for futher info. If you get stuck, or need more info, give our friendly tech guys a call.

The pages listed above are designed to give a better understanding of the particular uses that the panels are most often used in.  There are other more unique applications that are not shown and may be perfectly fine for use with one of the panels listed there.  If you can't find your specific application, please give our tech team a call at 541-474-4421, or chat with them live during business hours.  On the Other hand, if you simply want to browse our complete collection of solar products, you can find them here.

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