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6 Volt Battery Restoration

6 Volt Battery Restoration

Using one of the Battery restoration devices, or the Battery Equalizer chemical additive, you can restore lost battery capacity due to sulphation of the plates. Check out the options below to see if one of these will work for you. The units found here are designed to remove the sulphation that builds up on your batteries plates over time, which can prevent the batteries from absorbing the full charge that the did when they were new. Working on a high frequency pulse, these units cause the sulfate crystals to dissolve back into the battery solution. Check out the options below to see if one of these will work for you.

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Battery Saver 6v 12v 25 Watt (2 Amps) Maintainer, Pulse Cleaner & Tester - 3015-LCD
Part No. 3015-LCD
Size (L×W×H)
5.25 × 3.0 × 1.5 in
Battery Saver 6v 12v 50 Watt (4.17A) Maintainer, Pulse Cleaner & Tester - 2365-LCD
Part No. 2365-LCD
Size (L×W×H)
5.75 × 3.25 × 2.25 in
Battery Equaliser 6 Ounce Bottle
Part No. BE6oz
Battery Equaliser 12 Ounce Bottle
Part No. BE12oz
Battery Equaliser 32 Ounce Bottle BE32oz
Part No. BE32OZ
Battery Equaliser 1 Gallon Bottle
Part No. BE128

6 Volt Restoration Options

Choose from electrical pulse desulphation and chemical restoration; each one of these items will remove sulphation from the battery plates. To see a complete analysis of the electronic desulphation pulse check out our tutorial on the desulphation method . There is also the option to use the cadmium additive Battery Equalizer. Battery Equalizer is a non-corrosive, non flammable, water base liquid battery treatment formulated to extend the life and performance of any new or used lead acid battery. Battery Equalizer is recommended for use in any lead acid battery application.

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