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SSTX14H-FP Scorpion Stinger 12v 354 CCA LiFePo4 Extreme High Output Battery

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In order to ship Priority IATA imposed new Shipping Regulations regarding Lithium Batteries. Lithium Batteries being shipped Priority are only charged to 30% of capacity. When you receive this battery it may need to be charged. This is the battery charger we recommend for this battery: OptiMATE Lithium TM-471.

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Product InformationStore Part Number: SSTX14H-FP


Scorpion Stinger Logo

The new Scorpion Stinger Lithium Iron Phosphate battery offers an increased performance over traditional lead-acid chemistry batteries, while also shaving an incredible amount of weight off of the battery.  These Scorpion Stingers will crank your bike, atv or scooter easily, while also weighing up to 60% less than the OEM lead acid.  

Scorpion Batteries are made by one of the largest battery manufacturers in the world, and uses their prominence and experience to create the best products possible at the least possible cost.

Scorpion Battery was founded on the principle that superior quality batteries can be brought to the market at an economically pleasing price. Keeping true to that principle, Scorpion is proud to now offer the finest LiFePo4 Lithium powersports batteries available anywhere.

Scorpion Stinger lithium powersports batteries bring innovation to a new level. All Scorpion Stinger batteries use only the finest prismatic lithium cells, meaning that you get stronger starts, and more cycles than our competitors. Each battery contains its own Battery Management System built right into the battery. This ensures that the internal cells stay balanced with no special charger necessary.

With Q4 terminals for versatile and simple hookup, and onboard charge level display with the push of a button, the Scorpion Stinger Lithium Powersports batteries are simply the best lithium battery out there, and to top it off, they are offered at the best MSRP of any major Lithium LiFepo4 or Lithium Ion battery. For use in motorcycle, ATV, scooter, snow machine or UTV (side by side) starting applications.

Scorpion Stinger

  • The highest standard in Lithium powersports batteries available.
  • Heavyweight punching power in a featherweight package.
  • Scorpion Stinger LiFePo4 batteries are lighter and perform better than their competition.
  • More options. Scorpion Stinger makes available more case sizes than any other Lithium battery manufacturer, meaning you get a battery that fits your application as it was meant to.
  • Cells are internally balanced-no special charger necessary
  • 2 year free replacement, with additonal 1 year pro rated from date of purchase when used in prescribed applications*


  • Light weight Lithium Iron Phosphate Technology
  • Superior Cranking Performance
  • Charges in as little as 6 minutes
  • Can be charged with any Powersport Smart Charger meant for Lead Acid or LifePO4 Batteries


As the graph below suggests, Scorpion Stinger batteries hold a higher resting voltage than other batteries. They start higher and finish higher, meaning that during times of heavy load they have the ability to crank the starter faster and longer than the competition. For starting batteries, most of the work happens in the first 5-10 seconds. More voltage throughout that range ensures quicker starts and less strain on the starting system. Scorpion Stinger Performance Comparison

All the test batteries were fully charged and maintained for 48 hours on shop grade smart charger. Starting voltages achieved by fully charging batteries, then removing battery from any outside input for 24 hours. Each battery was tested under equal conditions at 72° F, using a true 100 AH load to simulate starting.

This battery normally ships via USPS Priority mail, with expected* delivery time of 2-4 days. MAKE SURE YOU USE A POST OFFICE DELIVERABLE ADDRESS! Customer will be responsible for shipping charges on returns for undeliverable addresses.

Scorpion does not rate their batteries with an AH rating*. Instead, they graph out the real performance of the batteries, side by side the best lead-acid and lithium batteries on the market. This gives you the confidence to know exactly how much starting power your Scorpion Stinger has, without giving a seemingly inflated number, or a confusingly low number that is not practical. *See more detailed explanation here. *Warranty applies ONLY to vehicles listed below. As per manufacturer, ALL other use will void battery warranty.

Works In

Vehicles that SSTX14H-FP works in

ATK All Electric Start Models(1991-1995)
Aprilia 1000cc ETV Capo Nord(2002-2003)
Aprilia 1000cc RST Futura(2001-2004)
Aprilia 1000cc RSV 1000 Mille(2000-2009)
Aprilia 1000cc RSV 1000 Mille R(2001-2005)
Aprilia 1000cc RSV 1000 Mille SP1999
Aprilia 1000cc RSV 1000 R, Factory(2004-2009)
Aprilia 1000cc SL 1000 Falco(2000-2003)
Aprilia 1000cc Tuono(2003-2011)
Aprilia 1100cc Tunono V4 1100, RR(2014-2016)
Aprilia 1200cc Dorsoduro, Caponardo(2011-2016)
Aprilia 250cc Sport City(2009-2013)
Aprilia 500cc Scarabeo(2009-2013)
Aprilia 650cc Pegaso Strada, Factory, Trail(2009-2012)
Aprilia 750cc Dorsoduro(2009-2016)
Aprilia 750cc Shiver(2009-2016)
Aprilia 850cc MANA850(2009-2011)
Aprilia 850cc MANA850, GT(2012-2013)
Aprilia 850cc SRV850(2012-2013)
Aprilia 900cc Dorsoduro2017
Aprilia 900cc Shiver2017
Aprilia RSV 1000 Mille R2005
Arctic Cat 150cc 150(2010-2018)
Arctic Cat 250cc All Models(2007-2011)
Arctic Cat 250cc DVX250, 2x4, All Models2006
Arctic Cat 300cc Alterra(2017-2018)
Arctic Cat 300cc DVX300 Utility(2009-2011)
Arctic Cat 300cc DVX300, Utility(2012-2014)
Arctic Cat 400cc DVX400All Years
BMW 1170cc R nine T(2014-2017)
BMW 1200cc HP2 Sport, Megamoto2011
BMW 1200cc R1200GS(2005-2012)
BMW 1200cc R1200RS(2014-2017)
BMW 1200cc R1200S, R(2009-2011)
BMW 1200cc R1200S, R(2005-2017)
BMW 1300cc K1300R, S(2009-2016)
BMW 600cc C600, Sport(2013-2016)
BMW 650cc C650 GT, Sport(2011-2016)
BMW 650cc F650GS(2012-2013)
BMW 650cc F650GS (800CC)2011
BMW 700cc F700GS(2011-2017)
BMW 800cc F800ST, GS2011
BMW 800cc F800ST, GS, GT, R(2012-2014)
BMW 800cc F800ST, GS, GT, R, ADV(2015-2017)
BMW F650GS (800CC)(2008-2010)
BMW F800ST, GS(2009-2010)
BMW K1200R, S(2005-2009)
BMW K1200RS(2006-2009)
Bimota 1000cc YB11(1996-1999)
Bimota 1100cc SB6R(1997-1999)
Bimota 996cc SB8R, SB8RS(1998-2000)
Bombardier (BRP), Can Am 250cc DS250(2006-2018)
Bombardier (BRP), Can Am 330cc Outlander 330(2004-2005)
Bombardier (BRP), Can Am 400cc Outlander 400(2003-2004)
Bombardier (BRP), Can Am 650cc DS650(2000-2006)
Buell 1200cc S1 Lightning(1996-1999)
Buell 1200cc XB12R Firebolt, XB12S Lightning(2004-2010)
Buell 1200cc XB12X Ulysses(2006-2010)
Buell 500cc Blast(2000-2009)
Buell 984cc XB9R Firebolt, XBS Lightning(2002-2010)
CCM All Electric Start Models(1996-2001)
Cannondale Blaze, Cannibal, Moto440, Speed(2002-2003)
Cannondale FX4002001
Ducati 1098 early 072007
E-Ton 150cc CXL Yukon II(2000-2013)
E-Ton 150cc Viper 150R(2011-2013)
E-Ton 150cc YXL Yukon(2000-2003)
E-Ton 250cc Vector250(2011-2013)
E-Ton Beamer R4-150(2010-2012)
E-Ton Matrix R4-150(2010-2012)
Harley Davidson 1130cc VRSC V-Rod(2002-2007)
Harley Davidson 883cc XL, XLH (Sportster)2005
Honda 1000cc CB1000(1994-1995)
Honda 1000cc Pioneer 1000(2016-2018)
Honda 1000cc VTR1000F Super Hawk(1997-2000)
Honda 1100cc CBR1100XX(1997-2000)
Honda 1100cc ST1100, ABS TCS, 1100A(1991-1999)
Honda 1100cc ST1100, ABS-TCS, 1100A(2000-2002)
Honda 1100cc VT1100C, C3, T Shadow (Spirit, Aero, A.C.E. Tourer)(2001-2007)
Honda 1100cc VT1100C2 Shadow Sabre(2000-2007)
Honda 125cc ATC125M(1986-1987)
Honda 125cc TRX FourTrax(1987-1988)
Honda 1300cc VT1300C, S Retro(2003-2013)
Honda 1300cc VTX1300C, R, S Retro(2003-2012)
Honda 1500cc GL1500 Valkyrie(1997-2003)
Honda 150cc CH150 Elite Deluxe1987
Honda 200cc TR200 Fat Cat1986
Honda 200cc TRX FourTrax(1990-1996)
Honda 200cc TRX SX FourTrax(1986-1988)
Honda 250cc ATC ES Big Red(1985-1987)
Honda 250cc ATC SX(1985-1987)
Honda 250cc CH250 Elite(1985-1990)
Honda 250cc CN250 Helix(1986-2000)
Honda 250cc TRX 250X, EX(2001-2018)
Honda 250cc TRX FourTrax(1985-1987)
Honda 250cc TRX Recon, ES(1997-2003)
Honda 250cc TRX EX, Sportrax(2001-2008)
Honda 250cc TRX FourTrax Recon, TE, TM(1997-2012)
Honda 250cc TRX250 TE, TM, FourTrax Recon(2013-2018)
Honda 300cc TRX FW FourTrax 300 4x4(1988-2000)
Honda 300cc TRX300 FourTrax(1988-2000)
Honda 300cc TRX300X, EX(1993-2012)
Honda 350cc FL350R Odyssey1985
Honda 350cc TRX D FourTrax 4x4(1986-1989)
Honda 350cc TRX Rancher(2000-2006)
Honda 400cc CB400F CB-1(1989-1990)
Honda 400cc FL400R Pilot(1989-1990)
Honda 400cc TRX Rancher AT(2004-2006)
Honda 400cc TRX400 EX, Fourtrax, Sportrax2013
Honda 400cc TRX400 EX, Sportrax, Fourtrax(1999-2012)
Honda 400cc TRX400 FW Foreman(1995-2003)
Honda 420cc TRX420 Fourtrax Rancher 2x4(2014-2018)
Honda 420cc TRX420 Fourtrax Rancher 4x4(2011-2018)
Honda 420cc TRX420 Rancher 4x4(2008-2009)
Honda 450cc TRX FourTrax Foreman S, ES(1998-2004)
Honda 500cc Pioneer 500(2015-2018)
Honda 500cc TRX500 FE, FM, TM FourTrax Forman ES, 4x4(2005-2012)
Honda 500cc TRX500FA(2015-2018)
Honda 500cc TRX500FA, FourTrax Rubicon(2001-2011)
Honda 500cc TRX500FA, FourTrax Rubicon(2012-2014)
Honda 500cc TRX500FE, FPE, FM, FPM(2012-2018)
Honda 600cc CBR600(1987-2000)
Honda 600cc VT600C, CD Shadow Deluxe, VLX(1988-2003)
Honda 650cc FourTrax Rincon TRX(2003-2005)
Honda 650cc NT650 Hawk GT(1988-1991)
Honda 650cc NT650V(2000-2009)
Honda 650cc NX650(1988-1989)
Honda 650cc XR650L(1993-2017)
Honda 700cc MUV700 Big Red(2008-2013)
Honda 700cc Pioneer 700(2015-2018)
Honda 700cc SXS 700 Pioneer2014
Honda 700cc TRX700XX(2008-2013)
Honda 750cc RVF750R (RC45)1994
Honda 750cc VF750C, C2, D Magna(1994-2003)
Honda 750cc VFR750F(1990-1996)
Honda 750cc VFR750R (RC30)1990
Honda 750cc VT750, CA, CD Shadow(2000-2003)
Honda 750cc VT750C Shadow(1998-2000)
Honda 750cc VT750CD, CD2 Shadow Deluxe(1998-2002)
Honda 750cc VT750CDA, B, C, D Shadow A. C. E. Deluxe(2002-2003)
Honda 800cc PC800 Pacific Coast(1989-1998)
Honda 800cc VFR800FI Interceptor(1998-2001)
Honda 900cc CBR900R, RR(1993-1999)
Husaberg All Electric Start Models(1997-2000)
Husqvarna 400cc TE410(2000-2001)
Husqvarna 580cc TE610(1996-2006)
Husqvarna 580cc TE610 SM610(2007-2010)
Husqvarna 580cc TE610, SM610(2000-2001)
Husqvarna 630cc SMR630, TE630(2010-2013)
Husqvarna 650cc TR650 Terra, Strada(2012-2013)
Husqvarna 900cc NUDA 900(2012-2013)
Hyosung 250cc NS3-250(2009-2012)
Hyosung 250cc GT 250, R(2011-2013)
Hyosung 250cc GV250(2011-2013)
Hyosung 250cc NS3-250(2013-2016)
Hyosung 450cc TE450S(2010-2013)
Hyosung 650cc GT650, R, S(2011-2013)
Hyosung GT 250, R(2009-2010)
Hyosung GT650, R, S(2009-2010)
Hyosung GV250(2002-2010)
KTM 1290cc Super Duke, R(2014-2017)
KTM 400cc LC4 E/XC(1996-1998)
KTM 400cc RXC LC4(1996-2001)
KTM 620cc Adventure, Duke, LC4(1996-1998)
KTM 640cc Adventurer, Duke, RXC, LC4 Super Moto(1999-2002)
Kawasaki 1000cc Ninja 1000(2011-2013)
Kawasaki 1000cc Ninja 1000, ABS(2014-2017)
Kawasaki 1000cc VERSYS 1000(2015-2016)
Kawasaki 1000cc VERSYS 1000, LT2017
Kawasaki 1000cc Z1000(2003-2011)
Kawasaki 1000cc Z1000, ABS(2009-2016)
Kawasaki 1100cc ZRX1100(1999-2000)
Kawasaki 1100cc ZX1100-D Ninja ZX-11(1995-2001)
Kawasaki 1100cc ZX1100-D Ninja ZX-11 (CN)(1993-1994)
Kawasaki 1100cc ZX1100-E (GPz1100), ABS(1995-1997)
Kawasaki 1200cc ZRX1200 DAEG(2009-2013)
Kawasaki 1200cc ZRX1200R(2001-2005)
Kawasaki 1200cc ZX-12R(2000-2005)
Kawasaki 1200cc ZZR1200(2002-2005)
Kawasaki 1400cc Ninja ZX-14, R, ABS(2006-2017)
Kawasaki 1400cc ZG1400 Concours, ABS(2008-2017)
Kawasaki 250cc EX250 Ninja, R(2009-2011)
Kawasaki 250cc EX250, Ninja 250R2012
Kawasaki 300cc EX300 Ninja, ABS(2013-2017)
Kawasaki 300cc KVF300 Brute Force(2013-2018)
Kawasaki 400cc KSF400-A (KFX400)(2003-2006)
Kawasaki 400cc KVF400-C Prairie 400 4x4 (CN)(1999-2002)
Kawasaki 400cc KVF400-D Prairie 400, 4x4 (CN)(1999-2001)
Kawasaki 600cc ZX600-E, F Ninja ZX-6, 6R(1993-2002)
Kawasaki 600cc ZX600-FA Ninja ZX-6R(2008-2012)
Kawasaki 600cc ZX600-FA Ninja ZX-6R(2013-2016)
Kawasaki 600cc ZX600-G, J Ninja ZX-6R(1998-2008)
Kawasaki 600cc ZX600-K, M, N Ninja, ZX-6RR(2003-2006)
Kawasaki 600cc ZZR600(2002-2008)
Kawasaki 636cc ZX636-B, C Ninja ZX-6R(2003-2017)
Kawasaki 650R Ninja2006
Kawasaki 650cc 4x4 Advantage Classic(2002-2003)
Kawasaki 650cc ER6n(2009-2012)
Kawasaki 650cc KLE 650 Versys2008
Kawasaki 650cc KLE 650Versys2013
Kawasaki 650cc KLE650 Versys(2009-2017)
Kawasaki 650cc KLX650C, R(1993-1996)
Kawasaki 650cc KVF650 Brute Force(2002-2013)
Kawasaki 650cc KVF650-A,B,D,E Prairie 650 4x42005
Kawasaki 650cc Ninja 650R(2006-2011)
Kawasaki 650cc Ninja 650R, Ninja 650R ABS(2012-2017)
Kawasaki 650cc W650(2000-2002)
Kawasaki 700cc KFX700(2003-2012)
Kawasaki 700cc KFX700 V-Force(2003-2004)
Kawasaki 700cc KSF700-A,B (KFX700)(2004-2008)
Kawasaki 700cc KVF650-A,B,D,E Prairie 650 4x4(2002-2008)
Kawasaki 700cc KVF700-A,B,D Prairie 700, 4x4(2004-2006)
Kawasaki 750cc KVF750 Brute Force(2005-2018)
Kawasaki 750cc KZ750-L Ninja1993
Kawasaki 750cc Teryx All Models (CN)(2008-2018)
Kawasaki 750cc Z750 (EU)(2009-2012)
Kawasaki 750cc ZR-7, S(2000-2003)
Kawasaki 750cc ZR750(Z750S)(2005-2006)
Kawasaki 750cc ZR750-C Zephyr(1991-1994)
Kawasaki 750cc ZX750 Ninja ZX, 7RR(1991-1997)
Kawasaki 750cc ZX750-J Ninja ZX-7(1991-1995)
Kawasaki 750cc ZX750-P Ninja ZX-7R(1996-2003)
Kawasaki 800cc VN800-A,B,C, E Vulcan, Classic, Drifter(1995-2006)
Kawasaki 800cc Z800, ABS(2013-2016)
Kawasaki 900cc Vulcan 900 Classic(2006-2016)
Kawasaki 900cc ZX900-B Ninja (ZX-9R)(1994-1997)
Kawasaki 900cc ZX900-C, Ninja (ZX-9R)(1998-1999)
Kawasaki 900cc ZX900-E,F Ninja (ZX-9R)(2000-2003)
Kymco 150 cc MXU150All Years
Kymco 150cc MXU150All Years
Kymco 200cc People GT(2013-2016)
Kymco 250 cc Mongoose, MXU250All Years
Kymco 250 cc Venox250(2009-2010)
Kymco 250MXU2008
Kymco 250cc Mongoose MXU250All Years
Kymco 250cc People 250(2009-2015)
Kymco 250cc Xciting 250i(2010-2015)
Kymco 300 cc MXU300SDAll Years
Kymco 300cc Downtown 300(2013-2016)
Kymco 300cc MXU300SDAll Years
Kymco 300cc Mongoose300(2010-2011)
Kymco 400cc Xciting 400i2009
Kymco 500cc Xciting 500i(2009-2016)
MV Agusta 750cc F4, Brutale(2000-2004)
Moto Guzzi 1000cc V10 Centauro Sport, GT(1999-2000)
Moto Guzzi 1100cc California (CA only)(2003-2005)
Moto Guzzi 1100cc Quota 1100 ES(1999-2002)
Moto Guzzi 1100cc Sport 1100i(1997-1999)
Moto Guzzi 1100cc V11 Le Mans, Sport(1999-2005)
Moto Guzzi 1100cc V11 Le Mans, Sport-2003
Moto Guzzi 1100cc V11, Le Mans, Sport2001
Moto Guzzi 750cc V7(2012-2013)
Moto Guzzi 750cc V7, Racer, Scramble(2012-2016)
Piaggio - Gilera 125cc Runner 125(2010-2013)
Piaggio - Gilera 200cc Runner 200(2010-2013)
Piaggio - Gilera 300cc Nexus 300ie(2010-2013)
Piaggio 250cc BV250(2008-2014)
Piaggio 250cc MP3 250(2008-2016)
Piaggio 350cc BV350 ABS(2013-2016)
Piaggio 400cc MP3 400(2008-2016)
Piaggio 460cc X92009
Piaggio 500cc BV500(2008-2014)
Piaggio 500cc MP3 500(2008-2013)
Piaggio 500cc MP3 500/Sport ABS(2014-2016)
Polaris 170cc Ranger RZR(2010-2018)
Polaris 200cc Phoenix, Sawtooth(2005-2018)
Polaris 450cc Outlaw(2007-2010)
Polaris 500cc Predator, Outlaw(2003-2006)
Polaris 510cc 525 Outlaw(2008-2009)
Polaris 525cc Outlaw 525(2008-2012)
SYM 125cc HD125(2010-2012)
SYM 200cc HD2002010
SYM 250cc RV250(2010-2012)
Suzuki 1000cc DL1000 V-Strom(2002-2016)
Suzuki 1000cc GSX-R1000(2001-2017)
Suzuki 1000cc SV1000, S(2003-2007)
Suzuki 1000cc TL1000R(1998-2003)
Suzuki 1000cc TL1000S(1997-2001)
Suzuki 1100cc GSX-R1100, W(1993-1998)
Suzuki 1100cc GSX1100G(1991-1993)
Suzuki 1200cc GSF1200 S Bandit(1997-2005)
Suzuki 1200cc GSF1250S Bandit(2007-2008)
Suzuki 1250cc GSF1250S, A Bandit(2007-2011)
Suzuki 1250cc GSF1250S, A Bandit, FA(2013-2016)
Suzuki 1300cc GSX1300 BK B-King(2008-2011)
Suzuki 1300cc GSX1300R , Z HAYABUSA(1999-2011)
Suzuki 1300cc GSX1300R, Z HAYABUSA2010
Suzuki 1300cc GSX1300R, Z Hayabusa(2013-2017)
Suzuki 200cc UH200A Burgman(2014-2017)
Suzuki 230cc LT230E Quad Runner(1988-1993)
Suzuki 250cc GW250(2013-2017)
Suzuki 250cc LT-F250, Ozark(2014-2016)
Suzuki 250cc LT-F250F Ozark(2002-2013)
Suzuki 250cc LT-Z250 QuadSport(2004-2012)
Suzuki 400cc AN400 BURGMAN(2003-2013)
Suzuki 400cc AN400 Burgman(2014-2016)
Suzuki 400cc GSF400 Bandit(1991-1993)
Suzuki 400cc LT-A400 Eiger 2WD, F Eiger 4WD(2002-2007)
Suzuki 400cc LT-A400 King Quad(2010-2017)
Suzuki 400cc LT-A400F King Quad2009
Suzuki 400cc LT-F400 Eiger 2WD, F Eiger 4WD(2002-2007)
Suzuki 400cc LT-Z400 Quadsport(2003-2016)
Suzuki 450cc LT-A450X King Quad(2007-2012)
Suzuki 600cc GSF600S Bandit(1996-2003)
Suzuki 600cc GSX-600F Katana(1998-2006)
Suzuki 600cc GSX-R600(1997-2016)
Suzuki 600cc GSX-R600W(1992-1993)
Suzuki 600cc RF600R, S(1994-1996)
Suzuki 650cc AN650 Burgman(2003-2017)
Suzuki 650cc DL650 V-Strom(2004-2016)
Suzuki 650cc DL650 V-Strom ABS, Adventure2017
Suzuki 650cc DR650S ER, ES(1994-1995)
Suzuki 650cc DR650SE(1998-2015)
Suzuki 650cc DR650SE (CN)(1996-1997)
Suzuki 650cc GSX650F(2008-2011)
Suzuki 650cc SFV650 Gladius(2009-2010)
Suzuki 650cc SV650, S(2003-2013)
Suzuki 650cc SV650, S, A, SA(1999-2002)
Suzuki 650cc SV650A, SA(2003-2010)
Suzuki 700cc LT-V700F Twin Peaks(2004-2005)
Suzuki 750cc GSX-R750(1996-2017)
Suzuki 750cc GSX-S7502016
Suzuki 750cc GSX750F Katana(1998-2006)
Suzuki 750cc GSXR750W(1993-1995)
Suzuki 800cc VL800 Intruder Volusia, Boulevard C50, T, M50(2012-2014)
Suzuki 800cc VL800 Intruder Volusia, M50, Boulevard C50, T(2001-2010)
Suzuki 800cc VZ800 Marauder(1997-2008)
Suzuki 900cc RF900, R, S, ZS(1994-1997)
Triumph 1050cc Speed Triple2010
Triumph 1050cc Speed Triple, R(2011-2017)
Triumph 1050cc Sprint GT(2011-2017)
Triumph 1050cc Sprint ST2010
Triumph 1050cc Sprint ST, Speed Triple(2007-2009)
Triumph 1050cc Sprint ST, Speed Triple, Tiger(2005-2006)
Triumph 1050cc Tiger(2012-2017)
Triumph 1200cc Trophy(2000-2004)
Triumph 600cc Daytona 600/650 Speed Four(2000-2005)
Triumph 600cc TT600(2000-2003)
Triumph 675cc Street Triple(2009-2012)
Triumph 675cc Street Triple, R2013
Triumph 800cc Bonneville(2001-2006)
Triumph 800cc Speedmaster(2003-2006)
Triumph 865cc America(2009-2013)
Triumph 865cc Bonneville T100, SE, FI(2011-2017)
Triumph 865cc Scrambler(2011-2017)
Triumph 865cc Speedmaster(2003-2015)
Triumph 900cc Scrambler, Bonneville(2006-2007)
Triumph 900cc Thruxton(2003-2008)
Triumph 900cc Tiger(1999-2001)
Triumph 955cc Daytona 955i, Speed Triple, Sprint ST(1999-2004)
Triumph 955cc Sprint RS(2000-2004)
Triumph 955cc Tiger(2002-2006)
Triumph TT600(2001-2003)
Vespa (Piaggio) 150cc LX150(2007-2009)
Vespa (Piaggio) 150cc LX150 4T(2013-2016)
Vespa (Piaggio) 250cc BV250(2008-2009)
Vespa (Piaggio) 250cc GTS2502010
Vespa (Piaggio) 250cc GTV2502010
Vespa (Piaggio) 250cc MP3 250(2008-2009)
Vespa (Piaggio) 300cc GTS300(2010-2012)
Vespa (Piaggio) 300cc GTS300, GTV300(2013-2016)
Vespa (Piaggio) 400cc MP3 400(2008-2009)
Vespa (Piaggio) 460cc X92009
Vespa (Piaggio) 500cc BV500(2008-2009)
Vespa (Piaggio) 500cc MP3 500(2008-2009)
Vespa (Piaggio) 946cc Vespa 964(2013-2016)
Yamaha 1000cc FZR1000(1991-1995)
Yamaha 1000cc GTS1000(1993-1994)
Yamaha 1000cc YZF1000R1997
Yamaha 1200cc FJ1200(1991-1993)
Yamaha 300cc Grizzly 300 Automatic(2012-2013)
Yamaha 350cc Big Wheel 350(1987-1988)
Yamaha 600cc XJ600S Seca II(1992-1998)
Yamaha 600cc XT600E(1990-1995)
Yamaha 600cc YZF600R(1995-2007)
Yamaha 660cc YFM660R Raptor(2001-2005)
Yamaha 750cc YZF750R(1994-1998)
Yamaha 850cc TDM850(1992-1993)
Yamaha 850cc TDX850(1995-1999)

Tech Specs

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 5 7⁄8 x 3 7⁄16 x 3 9⁄16 in
  • Part Number: SSTX14H-FP
  • Weight: 1.95 lb
  • Maximum Charging Voltage: 15.0 V
  • Manufacturer: Scorpion
  • Battery Polarity: +-
  • C.C.A.: 354 - As tested Midtronics model #417755
  • Amp/Hr: *See Notes
  • Chemistry: Lithium-Iron-Phosphate
  • Warranty: 2 year free replacement, with additional 1 year pro rated from date of purchase when used in prescribed applications*
  • Manufacturer Part #: SSTX14H-FP
  • Made In: China

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Nite and Day Improvement
Pros: Cold weather or hot, this baby fires my Vulcan 900 up in a heartbeat. It is a very noticeable improvement over the stock lead battery that faded away last summer. It also heats my Gerbing heated clothing to a toasty temperature. Love it!
Cons: Price is a bit high. Some folks warn it won't work in the cold but mine has (so far).
Wonder if it can power my tail-gator boom box?
Is this review helpful?
Written by Anonymous on Jan 19, 2014. Ownership: Use regularly. Knowledge Level: Electricity doesn't scare me.. usually — (92 of 170 customers found this review helpful
Pros: Amazing battery. When I got the package, it was so light I thought it was empty! Want to lighten your bike's weight, start with this battery. The tech questions I had were answered professionally and in a timely manor. Of course I haven't had it very long, but if this battery performs as well as my li-ion batteries in my power tools, I will never buy another lead/acid type battery for my motorcycles again. Well worth the extra cost.
Cons: None so far.
I wish I could hang it outside my bike so everyone could see how great this battery is.

The quick shipping is great.

I like the led charge indicators.
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Written by Anonymous on Oct 09, 2013. Ownership: Use regularly. Knowledge Level: AC/DC is more than a band — (93 of 169 customers found this review helpful
amazing battery
Pros: This battery is so light and amazingly powerful. in the coldest ny days, alternate side parking, bike must start and it kicks in 1 MAYBE 2 cranks. in warm weather, you just get the start like a magician in the engine. fits perfect and tight. terminals were easy to fit and tighten. I had my mouth open since i opened the package.
Cons: i have to look harder for a con. nope, can't think of any. price is not a con, it is well worth it. peace of mind and dependability are worth it on two wheels.
i have recommended this battery to many who have fell in love also. I have even bought the battery as a gift for a friend who was a non believer. He has bought me many gifts since.
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Written by rockamundo on Jun 15, 2014. Ownership: I've thought about naming it.... Knowledge Level: Genius is my way of life — (86 of 162 customers found this review helpful
Great replacement for SV650S
Pros: Perfect size replacement, voltage was spot on. Cranked right up.
Cons: None
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Written by GSV65 on Feb 25, 2014. Ownership: Just Bought. Knowledge Level: AC/DC is more than a band — (84 of 160 customers found this review helpful
Nite and Day Improvement
Pros: Cold weather or hot, this baby fires my Vulcan 900 up in a heartbeat. It is a very noticeable improvement over the stock lead battery that faded away last summer. It also heats me Gerbing heated clothing to a toasty temperature. Love it!
Cons: Price is a bit high. Some folks warn it won't work in the cold but mine has (so far).
Wonder if it can power my tail-gator boom box?
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Written by Anonymous on Jan 19, 2014. Ownership: Use regularly. Knowledge Level: Electricity doesn't scare me.. usually — (86 of 161 customers found this review helpful
Great battery so far
Pros: High output. Turns bike over without a problem. I also like the gauge on it.
Cons: None
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Written by DP on Mar 14, 2014. Ownership: Just Bought. Knowledge Level: Genius is my way of life — (85 of 160 customers found this review helpful
So far so good
Pros: Weight. This battery is 80% lighter than the AGM battery it replaced. The plastic spacers included with the battery snap in firmly and make for a perfect fit for the larger battery it is replacing. Seems to hold charge adequately. I have had no cold start issues over the winter.
Cons: No cons so far.
This battery was about 25% more expensive than the AGM battery it replaces. But it is only 20% of the weight of the AGM battery. So far, very pleased.
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Written by smeghead on Jan 09, 2015. Ownership: Use regularly. Knowledge Level: AC/DC is more than a band — (3 of 5 customers found this review helpful
Lithium stinger battery
Pros: Purchased/installed this battery on 2/17/14'. Same story as the rest. Couldn't believe this "pack of smokes-weight" battery was going to start my bike? (Is this some kind of joke, or what?) Literally blew me away the power it has. I'm a central Oregon coast rider, so am limited on weather in which to putt. Fantastic battery it is. Keep on trickle charger always ready to go. Love it still 2 1/2yrs later.
Cons: No cons. All is good.
Would/will purchase again in a heartbeat. Received to home in 2 days shipping. That's incredible fast here. Almost rely on 'pony express' to date in my locale.!!
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Written by Otter on Oct 31, 2016. Ownership: When it goes, I'm giving it a eulogy. Knowledge Level: Genius is my way of life — (1 of 2 customers found this review helpful
Great product
Pros: This is a great product in a small package.
Cons: Haven't had any cons
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Written by Anonymous on Mar 11, 2016. Ownership: Just Bought. Knowledge Level: I know what an outlet is — (1 of 2 customers found this review helpful
Light and powerful
Pros: Good fit Horizontal and vertical cable attachment options Very light Strong, long lasting power
Cons: A little pricey Requires a special charger
The shims that came with the battery were a little to thick; I used some foam to get the vertical height to be a snug fit in the battery box, and put some very thin foam slices on the sides to make sure it couldn't move around. I bought the good charger recommended for the battery. Glad I did since I think I will replace the batteries in two other bikes with Scorpions.
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Written by Mike on Feb 07, 2015. Ownership: Just Bought. Knowledge Level: AC/DC is more than a band — (1 of 2 customers found this review helpful
Great battery
Just what I needed. Extremely light and is a perfect fit for my 17 GSXR 750.
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Written by Anonymous on Jun 19, 2019. Verified Purchase
Still cheaper than a starter...
Lightweight battery doesn't make much difference in a 600+ pound quad, but the cranking power is nice and the extra space (since the battery is about 2 inches shorter) now holds a tire inflator. Main reason for going Li was the extra cranking power, on the older starter it was turning pretty slow on stock CCA, the Li, with 50% more cranking, starts it up faster and with much less heat than the stock 200 battery did.
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Written by Ryan on May 30, 2019. Verified Purchase

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