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SSTX30Q-FP Scorpion Stinger 12v 540 CCA LiFePo4 Quad Terminal Extreme High Output Battery

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Lithium Batteries are discharged to 30% of capacity for shipping requirements. When you receive the battery it will need to be charged prior to use. This is the battery charger we recommend for this battery: OptiMATE Lithium TM-471.

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Product InformationStore Part Number: SSTX30Q-FP


Scorpion Stinger Logo

The new Scorpion Stinger Lithium Iron Phosphate battery offers an increased performance over traditional lead-acid chemistry batteries, while also shaving an incredible amount of weight off the battery.  These Scorpion Stingers will crank your bike, atv or scooter easily, while also weighing up to 60% less than the OEM lead acid. 

Scorpion Batteries are made by one of the largest battery manufacturers in the world and uses their prominence and experience to create the best products possible at the least possible cost.

Scorpion Battery was founded on the principle that superior quality batteries can be brought to the market at an economically pleasing price. Keeping true to that principle, Scorpion is proud to now offer the finest LiFePo4 Lithium powersports batteries available anywhere.

Scorpion Stinger lithium powersports batteries bring innovation to a new level. All Scorpion Stinger batteries use only the finest prismatic lithium cells, meaning that you get stronger starts, and more cycles than our competitors. Each battery contains its own Battery Management System built right into the battery ensuring that the internal cells stay balanced.

Features an onboard charge level display with the push of a button! The Scorpion Stinger Lithium Powersports batteries are simply the best lithium battery out there, and to top it off, they are offered at the best MSRP of most major Lithium LiFepo4 or Lithium Ion battery. For use in motorcycle, ATV, scooter, or UTV (side by side) starting applications.

BatteryStuff understands the importance of getting a replacement battery right away. We usually ships all batteries the same day as ordered if received before 1:30pm (Pacific).


  • The highest standard in Lithium powersports batteries.
  • Heavyweight punching power in a featherweight package.
  • Scorpion Stinger LiFePo4 batteries are lightweight and designed to outperform their equivalent OEM Lead Based Battery.
  • Superior Cranking Performance
  • Quickly Re-Charges after start in as little as 6 minutes
  • Integrated BMS works with existing charging systems on bikes 1990 and newer.**
  • Recommended to be maintained with a Powersport Lithium Charger. We suggest the OptiMATE TM-471.
  • Warranty: 2 year free replacement when used in prescribed applications*.


As the graph below suggests, Scorpion Stinger batteries hold a higher resting voltage than other batteries. They start higher and finish higher, meaning that during times of heavy load they have the ability to crank the starter faster and longer than the competition. For starting batteries, most of the work happens in the first 5-10 seconds. More voltage throughout that range ensures quicker starts and less strain on the starting system. Scorpion Stinger Performance Comparison

All the test batteries were fully charged and maintained for 48 hours on shop grade smart charger. Starting voltages achieved by fully charging batteries, then removing battery from any outside input for 24 hours. Each battery was tested under equal conditions at 72° F, using a true 100 AH load to simulate starting.

Scorpion does not rate their batteries with an AH rating*. Instead, they graph out the real performance of the batteries, side by side the best lead-acid and lithium batteries on the market. This gives you the confidence to know exactly how much starting power your Scorpion Stinger has, without giving a seemingly inflated number, or a confusingly low number that is not practical. *See more detailed explanation here.

LiFePo4 Batteries are sensitive to heat. If the battery will be sitting directly on top of the engine and/or surrounded by the oil pan, we do NOT recommend using any Lithium Battery.

**Over-Charge protection will not protect from a faulty/old Voltage Regulator spiking Hi-Voltages to Battery. If you have a Pre-1990s Motorcycle replace your voltage regulator; it is over 30 year old and most likely broken by now.

*Warranty applies ONLY to vehicles listed below. As per manufacturer, ALL other use will void battery warranty.

Works In

Vehicles that SSTX30Q-FP works in

AGCO Allis (Models: 1316H, 1614H, 1614HV, 1615H, 1615HC, 1616H, 1617H Hydrostatic Lawn Tractors-Models: 512H, 514H, 515H, 516H, 517H Hydrostatic Lawn Tractors)
Arctic Cat 1000cc Cushman Hauler 4x4(2019-2020)
Arctic Cat 1000cc Prowler 1000(2009-2020)
Arctic Cat 1000cc Prowler, Wildcat, Wildcat LTD2013
Arctic Cat 1000cc Wildcat 1000, LTD(2012-2013)
Arctic Cat 1000cc Wildcat 1000, X, 4, LTD(2014-2017)
Arctic Cat 1000cc Wildcat 1000, X, 4, LTD, XX(2018-2020)
Arctic Cat 500cc HDX500, HDX XT(2014-2017)
Arctic Cat 550cc Prowler 550(2010-2015)
Arctic Cat 550cc TRV, 550, LTD, S, XT, CORE(2014-2015)
Arctic Cat 700cc HDX(2011-2016)
Arctic Cat 700cc HDX, HDX XT2017
Arctic Cat 700cc Prowler 700(2010-2017)
Arctic Cat 700cc Wildcat Sport, Trail(2015-2019)
Arctic Cat 812cc Prowler Pro XT, Crew(2019-2020)
Ariens/Gravely Models: 1028 Hydro, 1232 Hydro, 1440 Hydro, Rear Engine Riding MowersAll Years
Ariens/Gravely Models: 12900, 13900 Rear Engine Riding MowersAll Years
Ariens/Gravely Models: 1340, 15421742, 2048, 2200, 2248 TractorsAll Years
Ariens/Gravely Models: 1340G, 1440G, 1340H, 1440H, 1450H Rear Engine Riding MowersAll Years
Ariens/Gravely Models: 1540, 1742, 2548 Garden TractorsAll Years
Ariens/Gravely Models: 1540H, 1548H, 1640H, 1648H, Rear Engine Riding MowersAll Years
Ariens/Gravely Models: 912000, 925000, 927000All Years
Ariens/Gravely Models: 91400 Series Commercial Riding MowersAll Years
Ariens/Gravely Models: 929000, 931000, 934000, 935000, 936000 Lawn & Garden TractorsAll Years
Ariens/Gravely Models: Commercial Rider 18 Commercial Series Riding MowersAll Years
Ariens/Gravely Models: EZR 1440, 1540, 1640, 1648, 1748, 1742 EZ RidersAll Years
Ariens/Gravely Models: EZR 1542, 1842, 2048, 2050, EZ RidersAll Years
Ariens/Gravely Models: GT17, GT18, GT20 Lawn & Yard TractorsAll Years
Ariens/Gravely Models: Grand Sierra 2200 (GS22H), Rear Engine Riding MowersAll Years
Ariens/Gravely Models: HT16, HT18 Lawn & Yard TractorsAll Years
Ariens/Gravely Models: High Sierra 1640H, 1848, 1848H Rear Engine Riding MowersAll Years
Ariens/Gravely Models: YT10, YT11 TractorsAll Years
Ariens/Gravely Promaster 300 Series Commercial Riding MowersAll Years
BMW 1000cc K100 RS, RT, LT, FL, SRT, ABS (All K100 Models)(1982-1996)
BMW 1000cc R100/7(1976-1984)
BMW 1000cc R100CS(1976-1984)
BMW 1000cc R100GS, PD, R, RS1987
BMW 1000cc R100GS, PD, R, RS, RT(1988-1995)
BMW 600cc R60/6, R60/7(1969-1984)
BMW 750cc R75/6(1969-1976)
BMW 750cc R75/7(1969-1984)
BMW 800cc R80, R80RT(1984-1995)
BMW 800cc R80/7, R80RT(1978-1984)
BMW 900cc R90/6, R90S(1969-1976)
BRP (Can-AM) 1000cc Defender XT, Max(2016-2018)
BRP (Can-AM) 1000cc Defender XT, Max, XMR, CAB(2019-2021)
BRP (Can-AM) 1000cc Traxter(2017-2021)
BRP (Can-AM) 800cc Defender XT(2016-2018)
BRP (Can-AM) 800cc Defender XT, CAB, MOS(2019-2021)
BRP (Can-AM) 800cc Traxter Pro, XT(2016-2021)
Benelli 900cc 6 CilindriAll Years
CF Moto 1000cc CForce 10002021
CF Moto 400cc CForce 400(2016-2019)
CF Moto 500cc CForce 500(2016-2019)
CF Moto 600cc CForce 6002019
CF Moto 800cc CForce 800(2012-2020)
Ducati 750cc GT, Luguna SecaNot Listed
Ducati 860cc GT, GTS(1974-1979)
Harley Davidson 1000cc XL, XLH (Sportster Electric Start)(1967-1978)
Harley Davidson 1200cc FL, FLH Series (Touring)(1965-1977)
Harley Davidson 1340cc FL, FLH Series (Shovelhead Engine) (Touring)(1978-1984)
Kawasaki 1300cc ZN1300-A Voyager(1983-1988)
Moto Guzzi 1000cc 1000NTNot Listed
Moto Guzzi 1000cc California III(1989-1994)
Moto Guzzi 1000cc ConvertNot Listed
Moto Guzzi 1000cc DaytonaNot Listed
Moto Guzzi 1000cc Le MansNot Listed
Moto Guzzi 1000cc MilleNot Listed
Moto Guzzi 1000cc QuotaNot Listed
Moto Guzzi 1100cc Stone, EV(1994-2005)
Moto Guzzi 1100cc V11 Bassa(1998-2000)
Moto Guzzi 1100cc V11 EV(1998-1999)
Moto Guzzi 500cc V50Not Listed
Moto Guzzi 650cc V65Not Listed
Moto Guzzi 750cc V7Not Listed
Moto Guzzi 850cc Le ManNot Listed
Moto Guzzi 850cc T3, T4, T5Not Listed
Polaris 1000cc RZR RS1(2018-2020)
Polaris 1000cc Ranger BC2020
Polaris 1000cc Scrambler XP (55")2020
Polaris 1000cc Sportsman XP 48, 55(2019-2020)
Polaris 425cc Ranger 2x4(2002-2003)
Polaris 450cc Diesel Primary Battery(1999-2003)
Polaris 500cc Sportsman EFI(2011-2012)
Polaris 500cc Sportsman(X2)(2004-2012)
Polaris 500cc ACE(2017-2018)
Polaris 500cc ACE, SOHC2019
Polaris 500cc Ranger 6x6, 4x4(1998-2014)
Polaris 500cc Sportsman EFI2006
Polaris 570cc RZR 570 EPS(2013-2018)
Polaris 570cc RZR 570 EPS, AM(2019-2020)
Polaris 600cc Sportsman(2004-2005)
Polaris 700cc Ranger 6X6, 4X4(2006-2010)
Polaris 700cc Sportsman(2002-2010)
Polaris 700cc Sportsman, Miltary(2002-2009)
Polaris 800cc Ranger RZR 4, RZR S 8002014
Polaris 800cc Ranger, Ranger RZR 4, RZR S 800(2010-2013)
Polaris 800cc Sportsman(2005-2014)
Polaris 800cc Sportsman 6x62014
Polaris 850cc Scrambler 48, Sportsman 48(2019-2020)
Polaris 850cc Sportsman (Optional)(2009-2019)
Polaris 850cc Sportsman WV850 H.O(2009-2020)
Polaris 900cc ACE SP(2016-2019)
Polaris 900cc Ranger RZR(2011-2018)
Slingshot (Polaris) All ModelsAll Years
Vespa (Piaggio) APE CAR, MP, MPR, P602All Years

Tech Specs

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 6 1⁄2 x 4 13⁄16 x 6 3⁄8 in
  • Part Number: SSTX30Q-FP
  • Weight: 4.0 lb
  • Maximum Charging Voltage: 15.0 V
  • Manufacturer: Scorpion
  • Battery Polarity: -+
  • C.C.A.: 540 - As tested Midtronics model #417755
  • Amp/Hr: *See Notes
  • Chemistry: Lithium-Iron-Phosphate
  • Warranty: 2 year free replacement when used in prescribed applications*.
  • Manufacturer Part #: SSTX30Q-FP
  • Made In: China

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1977 bmw r100
Pros: i have owned this bike for 26 years. i have ridden it everywhere in heat and snow. i know it inside and out. after installing the scorpion battery i was shocked!! it has never started like that before. i was also amazed by the weight of it. if it retains it's charge over the winter i would recommend this battery to all my bike buddys.
Cons: absolutely none so far.
Is this review helpful?
Written by on Sep 08, 2014. Ownership: Just Bought. Knowledge Level: Electricity doesn't scare me.. usually — (93 of 168 customers found this review helpful
Unbelievably light
Pros: 3 lb. battery vs. 30 lb. battery, supposed 6 to 8 year life, Starts bike instantaneously.
Cons: None yet, ask again in six years.
WoW !
Is this review helpful?
Written by on Jul 13, 2015. Ownership: Just Bought. Knowledge Level: Genius is my way of life — (8 of 9 customers found this review helpful
SSTX30Q FP Scorpian Stinger LiFePo4
Pros: So far so good very light and plenty of power a little pricy but if it outlasts my last battery it will be worth every penny.
Cons: Time will tell all?
Got a good feeling so far this might be the way of the future, I'm hoping!
Is this review helpful?
Written by on Feb 06, 2015. Ownership: Just Bought. Knowledge Level: Electricity doesn't scare me.. usually — (7 of 7 customers found this review helpful
Very good
To much mark up
Is this review helpful?
Written by on Jan 05, 2020. Verified Purchase — (1 of 1 customers found this review helpful

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