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Scorpion Stinger SSTZ5S-FP Lithium Motorcycle Battery - 12v 219 CCA Lithium LiFePO4 Battery

zoom photos Scorpion Stinger SSTZ5S-FP Lithium Motorcycle Battery - 12v 219 CCA Lithium LiFePO4 Battery
Scorpion Stinger SSTZ5S-FP Lithium Motorcycle Battery - 12v 219 CCA Lithium LiFePO4 Battery Scorpion Stinger SSTZ5S-FP Lithium Motorcycle Battery - 12v 219 CCA Lithium LiFePO4 Battery
Scorpion Stinger SSTZ5S-FP Lithium Motorcycle Battery - 12v 219 CCA Lithium LiFePO4 Battery Scorpion Stinger SSTZ5S-FP Lithium Motorcycle Battery - 12v 219 CCA Lithium LiFePO4 Battery
Scorpion Stinger SSTZ5S-FP Lithium Motorcycle Battery - 12v 219 CCA Lithium LiFePO4 Battery Scorpion Stinger SSTZ5S-FP Lithium Motorcycle Battery - 12v 219 CCA Lithium LiFePO4 Battery
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Scorpion Stinger SSTZ5S-FP Lithium Motorcycle Battery - 12v 219 CCA Lithium LiFePO4 Battery

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  • Superior Cranking Performance
  • Part Number: SSTZ5S-FP

icon Important Notice

Lithium Batteries are discharged to 30% of capacity for shipping requirements. When you receive the battery it will need to be charged prior to use. This is the battery charger we recommend for this battery: OptiMATE Lithium TM-471.


Scorpion Stinger Logo

The Scorpion Stinger SSTZ5S-FP is a lithium motorcycle battery that offers an increased performance and lightweight design over traditional lead-acid-based OEM batteries. The SSTZ5S-FP was designed to replace the sealed lead acid YTX4L-BS, YTX5L-BS, YTZ5S, and YTZ7S batteries. This Scorpion Stinger SSTZ5S-FP will easily crank your motorcycle, ATV, or scooter while weighing up to 60% less than the OEM lead acid.

Scorpion Batteries are made by one of the largest battery manufacturers in the world and uses their prominence and experience to create the best products possible at the least possible cost.

Scorpion Battery was founded on the principle that superior quality batteries can be brought to the market at an economically pleasing price. Keeping true to that principle, Scorpion is proud to now offer the finest LiFePo4 Lithium powersports batteries available anywhere.

Scorpion Stinger lithium powersports batteries bring innovation to a new level. All Scorpion Stinger batteries use only the finest prismatic lithium cells, meaning that you get stronger starts, and more cycles than our competitors. Each battery contains its own Battery Management System built right into the battery ensuring that the internal cells stay balanced.

Features an onboard charge level display with the push of a button! The Scorpion Stinger Lithium Powersports batteries are simply the best lithium battery out there, and to top it off, they are offered at the best MSRP of most major Lithium LiFepo4 or Lithium Ion battery. For use in motorcycle, ATV, scooter, or UTV (side by side) starting applications.

As the graph below suggests, Scorpion Stinger batteries hold a higher resting voltage than other batteries. They start higher and finish higher, meaning that during times of heavy load they have the ability to crank the starter faster and longer than the competition. For starting batteries, most of the work happens in the first 5-10 seconds. More voltage throughout that range ensures quicker starts and less strain on the starting system. Scorpion Stinger Performance Comparison

All the test batteries were fully charged and maintained for 48 hours on shop grade smart charger. Starting voltages achieved by fully charging batteries, then removing battery from any outside input for 24 hours. Each battery was tested under equal conditions at 72° F, using a true 100 AH load to simulate starting.

BatteryStuff understands the importance of getting a replacement battery right away. We usually ships all batteries the same day as ordered if received before 1:30pm (Pacific).

LiFePo4 Batteries are sensitive to heat. If the battery will be sitting directly on top of the engine and/or surrounded by the oil pan, we do NOT recommend using any Lithium Battery.

**Over-Charge protection will not protect from a faulty/old Voltage Regulator spiking Hi-Voltages to Battery. If you have a Pre-1990s Motorcycle replace your voltage regulator; it is over 30 year old and most likely broken by now.

*Warranty applies ONLY to vehicles listed within our application list seen in the Works In tab. As per the manufacturer, ALL other use will void the battery warranty.


  • The highest standard in Lithium powersports batteries.
  • Heavyweight punching power in a featherweight package.
  • Scorpion Stinger LiFePo4 batteries are lightweight and designed to outperform their equivalent OEM Lead Based Battery.
  • Superior Cranking Performance
  • Quickly Re-Charges after start in as little as 6 minutes
  • Integrated BMS works with existing charging systems on bikes 1990 and newer.**
  • Recommended to be maintained with a Powersport Lithium Charger. We suggest the OptiMATE TM-471.
  • Warranty: 1 year free replacement when used in prescribed applications*.

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Works In

Vehicles that SSTZ5S-FP works in
ATK All Electric Start Models(1996-2008)
Aeon 100cc Cobra/CX-Sport 100All Years
Aeon 50cc Cobra/CX-Sport 50All Years
Aeon 90cc Cobra/CX-Sport 90All Years
Aprilia 125cc RS4 125(2011-2018)
Aprilia 150cc Mojito(2004-2013)
Aprilia 250cc RS250(2000-2004)
Aprilia 50cc Mojito(2004-2005)
Aprilia 50cc RS4 50(2011-2013)
Aprilia 50cc RS50(2000-2005)
Aprilia 50cc Rally(2004-2005)
Aprilia 50cc SR50(2000-2001)
Aprilia 50cc SR50 Ditech(2001-2005)
Aprilia 50cc Scarabeo 50(2000-2003)
Aprilia 50cc Tuareg, Wind(2004-2005)
Arctic Cat 50cc DVX50(2006-2010)
Arctic Cat 90cc 90, 90 Utility2014
Arctic Cat 90cc All Models (exc. DVX90)(2002-2005)
Arctic Cat 90cc Altera 90(2017-2020)
Arctic Cat 90cc DVX90(2006-2012)
Arctic Cat 90cc DVX90, Utility(2013-2019)
BMW 1000cc HP4 (w/o alarm system)(2013-2014)
BMW 1000cc S1000RR(2014-2017)
BMW 450cc G450X(2009-2011)
BSA 250, 350, 400, 441, 500 (12V)All Years
BSA 600, 650, 750 (12V)All Years
Benelli 50cc Devil 50 (c avv)All Years
Benelli 50cc KBX 50 RaceAll Years
Benelli 50cc Scooty LX/DLXAll Years
Bimota 1100cc SB6, SB7 (2 Batteries Required)(1995-1997)
Bimota 900cc DB3 Mantra (2 Batteries Required)(1997-1999)
Bombardier (BRP), Can Am 50cc DS50, Quest(2002-2006)
Bombardier (BRP), Can Am 70cc DS70(2008-2019)
Bombardier (BRP), Can Am 90cc DS90, DS90F, Quest(2002-2019)
Buell 1125cc Buell Racing 1125RR2009
Cagiva 50cc C ,K3, W41995
Cagiva 50cc C, K3, W4(1994-1997)
Cagiva 50cc C,K3, W41998
Cagiva 50cc City, Lucky, Explorer(1994-1997)
Cannondale 440cc C440, E440, S440, X440, X440S(2002-2003)
Cannondale 440cc EX400, MX400, XC400(2000-2001)
DRR All ModelsAll Years
Derbi All ModelsAll Years
E-Ton 50cc AXL,TXL,NXL,RXL(1999-2005)
E-Ton 70cc Viper 70(2010-2013)
E-Ton 90cc AXL,TXL,NXL,RXL(1999-2013)
E-Ton 90cc DLX 90 Sierra(1999-2012)
E-Ton Beamer 50, Beamer III(2000-2012)
E-Ton Matrix 50(2010-2012)
Gas Gas 250cc Pampera(1996-2001)
Gas Gas 320cc Pampera(1998-2001)
Gas Gas 370cc Pampera1997
Gas Gas 450 FSR4502008
Gilera 125cc Apache Kick-StartNot Listed
Gilera 125cc Arizona Kick-StartNot Listed
Gilera 125cc CX Kick-StartNot Listed
Gilera 125cc Crona Kick-StartNot Listed
Gilera 125cc Fast Bike Kick-StartNot Listed
Gilera 125cc Freestyle Kick-StartNot Listed
Gilera 125cc GFR Kick-StartNot Listed
Gilera 125cc KK, KZ Kick-StartNot Listed
Gilera 125cc MX1, MXR Kick-StartNot Listed
Gilera 125cc Nebraska Kick-StartNot Listed
Gilera 125cc R1, R1S Kick-StartNot Listed
Gilera 125cc RTX, RV, RX Kick-StartNot Listed
Gilera 125cc SP01, SP02 Kick-StartNot Listed
Gilera 125cc Top Rally Kick-StartNot Listed
Gilera 125cc XR1, XR2 Kick-StartNot Listed
Gilera 200cc RTX, RV, RX Kick-StartNot Listed
Gilera 200cc T4Not Listed
Gilera 250cc NV NGR Kick-StartNot Listed
Gilera 350cc Dakota Kick-StartNot Listed
Gilera 350cc ER Kick-StartNot Listed
Gilera 500cc Dakota Kick-StartNot Listed
Gilera 50cc Bullit, Easy Moving, Runner1997
Gilera 50cc Eaglet(1995-1997)
Gilera 50cc GSA E-StarterNot Listed
Gilera 50cc Runner1997
Gilera 50cc Sioux E-StarterNot Listed
Gilera 50cc Stalker, Storm, Top RallyNot Listed
Gilera 50cc Typhoon1997
Honda 1000cc CBR1000RR(2008-2018)
Honda 1000cc RC213V-S(2016-2017)
Honda 110cc C110(2009-2010)
Honda 110cc CRF110F(2013-2021)
Honda 110cc NHX1102010
Honda 110cc NHX110 Elite(2011-2013)
Honda 125cc CRF125F(2014-2021)
Honda 125cc MSX125 Grom(2014-2020)
Honda 125cc NH125 Aero1984
Honda 125cc NX125(1988-1990)
Honda 125cc PCX2010
Honda 125cc PCX125(2011-2013)
Honda 125cc SH125(2011-2013)
Honda 125cc Z125M, MA(2019-2021)
Honda 150cc ADV150A2021
Honda 150cc CRF150F(2006-2016)
Honda 150cc CRF150F, R(2017-2018)
Honda 150cc PCX150(2015-2020)
Honda 150cc SH 1502010
Honda 150cc SH150(2011-2013)
Honda 200cc TLR200 Reflex(1986-1987)
Honda 230cc CRF230F, L(2003-2019)
Honda 230cc CRF230L, M(2008-2013)
Honda 250cc CB250 Nighthawk(1991-2009)
Honda 250cc CBR250R(2011-2013)
Honda 250cc CMX250C Rebel(1996-2016)
Honda 250cc CRF250X(2004-2016)
Honda 250cc CRF250X, L(2017-2018)
Honda 250cc NX250(1988-1990)
Honda 250cc XR250L(1991-1996)
Honda 300cc CB300F(2015-2018)
Honda 300cc CBF300N(2019-2021)
Honda 300cc CBR300R(2015-2018)
Honda 300cc CBR300R, RA(2019-2020)
Honda 300cc CMX300, A(2017-2020)
Honda 450cc CRF450X(2005-2017)
Honda 450cc CRF450X, L(2018-2021)
Honda 450cc TRX 450ER(2006-2009)
Honda 450cc TRX450ER, TRX450R(2012-2013)
Honda 500cc CB500X, F(2019-2020)
Honda 500cc CBR500, RA(2019-2020)
Honda 500cc CMX500, A(2017-2020)
Honda 50cc CHF50 Metropolitan, II, S(2002-2010)
Honda 50cc CHF50 Metropolitan, II, SP(2011-2013)
Honda 50cc NB50 Aero(1985-1987)
Honda 50cc NB50M Aero(1983-1984)
Honda 50cc NB50MD Gyro1984
Honda 50cc NCH50 Metropolitan(2013-2017)
Honda 50cc NCW50(2018-2020)
Honda 50cc NPS50, S Ruckus(2003-2020)
Honda 50cc NQ50 Spree(1984-1985)
Honda 50cc NQ50 Spree, 50D SS(1986-1987)
Honda 50cc NU50 Urban Express Deluxe(1982-1983)
Honda 50cc NX50M Express SR(1981-1982)
Honda 50cc SA50 Elite LX, S, SR(1988-2001)
Honda 50cc SB50 (All)(1988-1990)
Honda 50cc SE50 Elite (All)1987
Honda 50cc TG50 Gyro S (All)(1985-1986)
Honda 50cc ZB501988
Honda 600cc CB600F (599)(2004-2006)
Honda 70cc C70 Passport(1982-1983)
Honda 70cc CT70(1991-1994)
Honda 80cc CH80 Elite(1993-2009)
Honda 80cc NH80 Aero1985
Honda 80cc NH80 MD Aero(1983-1984)
Honda 90cc EZ90 Cub(1991-1996)
Honda 90cc TRX90EX(2006-2013)
Honda 90cc TRX90X, EX(2014-2020)
Husaberg All Electric Start Models(2004-2013)
Husqvarna 125cc SMS4 125(2011-2016)
Husqvarna 250cc FC(2014-2017)
Husqvarna 250cc FE(2014-2017)
Husqvarna 250cc TC250(2011-2016)
Husqvarna 250cc TE(2011-2017)
Husqvarna 250cc TE250, TC250(2002-2010)
Husqvarna 250cc TXC(2008-2012)
Husqvarna 300cc TE(2014-2017)
Husqvarna 310cc TC, TXC, TE, SMR2010
Husqvarna 310cc TE310(2010-2016)
Husqvarna 350cc FC(2014-2017)
Husqvarna 350cc FE(2014-2017)
Husqvarna 449cc SMR449, TE449(2011-2016)
Husqvarna 450cc FC(2014-2017)
Husqvarna 450cc FE(2014-2017)
Husqvarna 450cc SMR450R, TC450, TE4502010
Husqvarna 450cc TC, TXC, TE, SMR 450(2000-2001)
Husqvarna 450cc TE450, T4250(2002-2004)
Husqvarna 501cc FE(2014-2017)
Husqvarna 510cc SM510R2005
Husqvarna 510cc SMR510R, TE5102010
Husqvarna 510cc TC, TXC, TE, SMR2010
Husqvarna 510cc TE510(2006-2007)
Husqvarna 511cc SMR511, TE511(2011-2016)
Husqvarna 511cc TE, TXC2011
Hyosung 100 cc EZ 100All Years
Hyosung 50 cc SD50 SenseAll Years
Hyosung 50 cc SF50 PrimaAll Years
Hyosung 50 cc SB50 Super Cab, SD50 Sense, SF50 Prima, Rally, SenseAll Years
KTM 125cc Duke2013
KTM 200cc XC-W(2013-2016)
KTM 250cc EXC (Racing)(2003-2010)
KTM 250cc EXCF, XCF-W(2011-2012)
KTM 250cc EXF(2005-2010)
KTM 250cc Freeride(2015-2016)
KTM 250cc SXF, EXC(2013-2015)
KTM 250cc XC, EXC, XC-W(2011-2012)
KTM 250cc XCF-W (Racing)(2006-2009)
KTM 300cc XC, XC-W(2014-2015)
KTM 300cc XC, XC-W, EXCF(2011-2013)
KTM 350cc Freeride(2012-2013)
KTM 350cc SXF(2011-2015)
KTM 350cc XC-W, EXCF(2012-2015)
KTM 350cc XCF(2011-2015)
KTM 400cc EXC (Racing)(2000-2009)
KTM 400cc XC-W(2009-2010)
KTM 450cc 450SRM2013
KTM 450cc EXC (Racing)(2003-2013)
KTM 450cc SX(2008-2012)
KTM 450cc SXF(2011-2015)
KTM 450cc SXF, XCF, XC-W(2008-2010)
KTM 450cc XC(2008-2012)
KTM 450cc XCF, XC-W(2011-2015)
KTM 500cc EXC(2012-2016)
KTM 500cc XC-W(2012-2015)
KTM 505cc SX(2008-2013)
KTM 505cc XC(2008-2009)
KTM 520cc EXC, MXC (Racing)(2000-2002)
KTM 525cc EXC (Racing)2003
KTM 525cc MX Desert Racing2003
KTM 525cc MXC Racing2000
KTM 525cc SC(2010-2012)
KTM 525cc XC2013
KTM 530cc EXC (Racing)(2004-2015)
KTM 530cc XC-W(2009-2015)
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Kasea 50cc Mini SkyhawkAll Years
Kasea 50cc SkyhawkAll Years
Kasea 90cc SkyhawkAll Years
Kawasaki 110cc KLX110, L(2003-2020)
Kawasaki 125cc Z125 PRO(2017-2020)
Kawasaki 140cc KLX140, G, L(2017-2020)
Kawasaki 140cc KLX140, L(2008-2016)
Kawasaki 175cc W175 SE(2019-2020)
Kawasaki 230cc KLX230R2020
Kawasaki 250cc EX250 Ninja, R(1995-2007)
Kawasaki 250cc KL250 Super Sherpa(2000-2010)
Kawasaki 250cc KL250-D KLR(1985-2005)
Kawasaki 250cc KLX250S, SF(2006-2016)
Kawasaki 450cc KFX450R(2008-2014)
Kawasaki 450cc KLX450R(2008-2018)
Kawasaki 50cc KFX50(2007-2020)
Kawasaki 600cc KL600-A KLR1984
Kawasaki 80cc KSF80-A (KFX80)(2003-2005)
Kawasaki 90cc KFX90(2007-2020)
Kawasaki GD700-A52_700C All YearsAll Years
Kymco 125cc Agility 125(2011-2016)
Kymco 50cc MongooseAll Years
Kymco 50cc Super 9, People(2009-2016)
Kymco 90cc MongooseAll Years
OzBike All ModelsAll Years
Panda Motor Sports 50cc Cub(1996-1999)
Panda Motor Sports 70cc Trail Rider(1999-2002)
Piaggio - Gilera 50cc SP502010
Polaris 110cc Outlaw(2017-2020)
Polaris 110cc Sportsman(2017-2020)
Polaris 50cc Predator, Outlaw(2001-2004)
Polaris 50cc Scrambler(2001-2003)
Polaris 50cc Predator, Outlaw(2005-2019)
Polaris 90cc Scrambler, Sportsman(2001-2002)
Polaris 90cc Predator, Sportsman, Outlaw(2003-2014)
Puch 50cc Lido SL50, Lido VarioAll Years
Qianjiang 100cc ATV100All Years
Qianjiang 50cc ATV50All Years
Royal Enfield 350cc All Kick-Start Models(2000-2003)
Royal Enfield 500cc All Kick-Start Models(2000-2003)
SYM 50cc JetEuro 50(2010-2012)
SYM 50cc RS502010
Snapper Electric-Start Walk Behind MowersAll Years
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Suzuki 125cc RV125 SE, R1994
Suzuki 200cc DR200S(2015-2019)
Suzuki 200cc DR200SE(1996-2013)
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Suzuki 200cc SP200(1986-1988)
Suzuki 200cc T200, TC200Not Listed
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Suzuki 250cc DR250S(1990-1992)
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Suzuki 250cc GT250 Hustler(1973-1977)
Suzuki 250cc GZ250(1999-2012)
Suzuki 250cc Model T201969
Suzuki 250cc Scrambler TC2501969
Suzuki 250cc T250, T250-II, T250J, T250R1972
Suzuki 250cc TU250X(2009-2017)
Suzuki 305cc Scramble TC305, T3051969
Suzuki 350cc DR350S(1990-1996)
Suzuki 350cc DR350SE(1994-1999)
Suzuki 350cc T350 Series1979
Suzuki 400cc TS400 Apache(1972-1975)
Suzuki 50cc LT-Z50 Quadsport(2006-2012)
Suzuki 600cc SP6001985
Suzuki 650cc DR650S(1990-1991)
Suzuki 650cc DR650S N, P(1992-1993)
Suzuki 80cc LT80 QuadSport(1987-2006)
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Triumph 750cc T150 TridentAll Years
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Vespa (Piaggio) Quartz, Sactto, Sfera 50All Years
Vespa (Piaggio) Sfera 80, Skipper 125/150All Years
Vespa (Piaggio) Zip ZipAll Years
Yamaha 100cc AT1E, AT1B, AT1C 125 Enduro(1969-1971)
Yamaha 100cc L5T, L5TA(1969-1970)
Yamaha 100cc LS21972
Yamaha 100cc YL2C/CM1968
Yamaha 125cc AS2C1969
Yamaha 125cc AT2, AT3 125 Enduro(1972-1973)
Yamaha 125cc DT125 Enduro1974
Yamaha 125cc RD125(1975-1976)
Yamaha 125cc TT-R125E, LE(2003-2020)
Yamaha 125cc YFM125R, Raptor(2012-2013)
Yamaha 125cc YFM12R(2012-2013)
Yamaha 125cc YFM12R, Raptor2011
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Yamaha 225cc XT225 Serow(1992-2000)
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Yamaha 350cc RZ350(1984-1985)
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Yamaha 450cc YFZ450R, X(2008-2015)
Yamaha 450cc YZ450FX(2016-2018)
Yamaha 500cc SR500(1978-1999)
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Yamaha 50cc CG50 Riva(1988-1991)
Yamaha 50cc CW50 Zuma, Zuma II(1989-2001)
Yamaha 50cc CY50 Riva Jog(1992-2001)
Yamaha 50cc HS1, HS1B(1970-1971)
Yamaha 50cc JOG, ZR(2013-2014)
Yamaha 50cc SH50 Riva Razz(1987-2001)
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Yamaha 600cc XT600(1984-1989)
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Yamaha 650cc XS1(1970-1971)
Yamaha 80cc YG5T, YG5S(1968-1969)
Yamaha 90cc YFM90R(2009-2013)
Yamaha 90cc YFM90R, Raptor(2013-2018)
Yamaha 90cc YMF90 Grizzly2019

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 4 7⁄16 x 2 3⁄4 x 3 5⁄16 in
  • Part Number: SSTZ5S-FP
  • Weight: 1.15 lb
  • Maximum Charging Voltage: 15.0 V
  • C.C.A.: 219 - As tested Midtronics model #417755
  • Amp/Hr: *See Notes
  • Chemistry: Lithium-Iron-Phosphate
  • Warranty: 1 year free replacement when used in prescribed applications*.
  • Made in: China
  • Manufacturer: Scorpion
  • Manufacturer’s Part Number: SSTZ5S-FP
  • Polarity: -+



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Rated 5.00/5 Stars from 4 customer reviews.

Do you own the SSTZ5S-FP? Please, tell us what you think about it. It helps us provide you with better products. Please note that it may take up to 72 hours for your review to appear.

By far the best battery I've owned

I have 4 sport quads, 3 trail bikes and live in the desert. The summer heat kills most batteries but I've had this Scorpion LiFePo4 for over 2 years and it's still going super strong. Best value for your money of any battery I have owned in the last 15 years.

Is this review helpful?
Written by on Jun 29, 2019. Verified Purchase — (4 of 5 customers found this review helpful)
Light weight and powerful

I have to electric start bikes,'09 Husky SMR450 and '13 Husky TXC310 and originally bought the Scorpion Stinger for my TXC ...3 years of trouble free, fast cranking use. So, when my street driven SMR450 needed a replacement I replaced it with the same battery...again proving this is a great battery, especially the price for a LiFePo4 !

Is this review helpful?
Written by on Jan 29, 2020. Verified Purchase — (3 of 4 customers found this review helpful)
SSTZ5S-FP Scorpion Stinger 12v 219 CCA LiFePo4

This is a really good battery. I have used one since new in my 2018 KTM 300 XCW and it cranks the 300 with authority - note the CCA. I recently bought a 2018 Husky TX300 and replaced the almost new battery in the bike with another Scorpion. I'm a very satisfied customer.

Is this review helpful?
Written by on Nov 05, 2020. Verified Purchase — (2 of 3 customers found this review helpful)
2017 KTM 150 XC-w

Exact same size battery as stock in my 2017 KTM 150 XC-W. This battery puts out 219 cca stock battery only 120 CCA. Better battery at a slightly cheaper price.

Is this review helpful?
Written by on Feb 22, 2021. Verified Purchase — (1 of 2 customers found this review helpful)

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Write a Review Do you own the SSTZ5S-FP? Please, tell us what you think about it. It helps us provide you with better products. Please note that it may take up to 72 hours for your review to appear.

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Scorpion Stinger SSTZ5S-FP Lithium Motorcycle Battery - 12v 219 CCA Lithium LiFePO4 Battery
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