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Universal 12v 97.6 AH Deep Cycle Gel Battery UB30Hgel-D5874

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Product InformationStore Part Number: UB30Hgel-D5874


The UPG (Universal Power Group) Gel Cell Battery is a state of the art design battery made in Asia. This battery is a sealed (Non-Spillable) requires no addition of water during the life of the battery. Battery is TRUE DEEP CYCLE can be mounted in any position, requires no maintenance and may be transported by Air or Ground without any special handling regulations. When a Gel Cell battery is charged no hazardous fumes escape the battery case, gases are processed within the battery itself.

NON-SPILLABLE by DOT (Department of Transportation), ICAO (International Commercial Airline Organization) and IATA (International Airline Transportation Association) definitions.


  • Gel Cell design yields extreme Deep Cycle service Performance rating
  • Less than 3% per month standing self discharge.
  • Maintenance Free
  • Valve Regulated
  • Float and Cycle Use
  • Gel Cell design may offer greater reliability in extreme temperature applications
  • Leak Proof/Spill Proof


Typically Gel Cell batteries DO REQUIRE a special battery charger as charge requirements is somewhat different than AGM, Wet Cell or other types of Maintenance Free batteries. If you are in unsure about the charger you need please contact one of our technical advisors.

Batteries ship from various warehouses and usually deliver within 7 working days. Discount quantity pricing available please contact us by email or by phone during business hours.

Tech Specs

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 13 x 6.82 x 9.63 in
  • Weight: 59 lb
  • Shipping Weight: 62 lb
  • Max Current, During Bulk Charge: 20 A
  • DC Output Voltage: 12 V
  • Regulatory Approval: DOT, ICAA, IATA, IMDA
  • Manufacturer: Universal Power Group
  • BCI Group: 30H
  • CA (@32°F): 760
  • Reserve Minutes 25A: 195
  • C.C.A.: 550
  • 20 Hr. Rate Amp/Hr: 97.6
  • Charging Voltage Standby Use: 13.2 to 13.4 V
  • Cycle Service Charging Voltage: 14.2 to 14.4 V
  • Manufacturer Part #: UB30Hgel-D5874
  • Made In: Asia
  • Terminal Position:

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UPG UB30H 100AH battery - specifications
Pros: i am talking about UPG UB30H 100AH and not sure if it is the same as 97.6 AH UB30Hgel-D5874. For me it looks they are the same one battery. Though that long life battery brand "X" (see below at cons) has less power on fast deep discharges (from few minutes up to 30..60 minutes)- about 30%-25% less, and from 60 minutes up to few hours approximately 15%-5% less power, i.e. this UPG UB30H 100AH can give up more power during the same period of time. Though at times from somewhere 7-8 hours and longer brand "X" battery has more power and much longer capacity, which actually can name it as having more capacity, for example 110 AH because Capacity is measured at low current and this way for many hours (in this case 20 hours at 5A). So, UPG UB30H 100AH (and probably UB30Hgel-D5874 97.6 AH battery too if they are not the same) is better for using at short discharges (much better from minutes up to 30-60 minutes) and less better at 2-7 hours discharges.
Cons: This battery (100AH) according to specifications has very short life - at discharges at 30% (not very deep discharge) it has life little bit more than 1200 cycles (i.e. about 3.5 years if one 30% discharge per day), though other brand "X" (i don't want to advertise it here) has twice more cycles.
Other Thoughts: All buyers must read and evaluate manufacturer's specifications and compare them because seller descriptions is not enough and far from good to make decisions. Even specs don't give enough info. So, if you don't read specs you will buy twice, if not triple because wrong choice will kill your battery UNLESS YOU BUY AS MANY BATTERIES THAN DISCHARGE OF EACH Battery WILL BE LESS THAN 10-15% which will prolong battery's life even if you make wrong choice. Link to specifications must be next to price (as it is at other good battery seller website)
Is this review helpful?
Written by elektrist on Aug 02, 2014. Ownership: Don't Own. Knowledge Level: AC/DC is more than a band — (85 of 164 customers found this review helpful

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