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SSTX12Q-FP Scorpion Stinger 12v 350 CCA LiFePo4 Quad Terminal Extreme High Output Battery

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In order to ship Priority IATA imposed new Shipping Regulations regarding Lithium Batteries. Lithium Batteries being shipped Priority are only charged to 30% of capacity. When you receive this battery it may need to be charged. This is the battery charger we recommend for this battery: OptiMATE Lithium TM-471.

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Product InformationStore Part Number: SSTX12Q-FP


Scorpion Stinger Logo

The new Scorpion Stinger Lithium Iron Phosphate battery offers an increased performance over traditional lead-acid chemistry batteries, while also shaving an incredible amount of weight off of the battery.  These Scorpion Stingers will crank your bike, atv or scooter easily, while also weighing up to 60% less than the OEM lead acid.  

Scorpion Batteries are made by one of the largest battery manufacturers in the world, and uses their prominence and experience to create the best products possible at the least possible cost.

Scorpion Battery was founded on the principle that superior quality batteries can be brought to the market at an economically pleasing price. Keeping true to that principle, Scorpion is proud to now offer the finest LiFePo4 Lithium powersports batteries available anywhere.

Scorpion Stinger lithium powersports batteries bring innovation to a new level. All Scorpion Stinger batteries use only the finest prismatic lithium cells, meaning that you get stronger starts, and more cycles than our competitors. Each battery contains its own Battery Management System built right into the battery. This ensures that the internal cells stay balanced with no special charger necessary.

With Q4 terminals for versatile and simple hookup, and onboard charge level display with the push of a button, the Scorpion Stinger Lithium Powersports batteries are simply the best lithium battery out there, and to top it off, they are offered at the best MSRP of any major Lithium LiFepo4 or Lithium Ion battery. For use in motorcycle, ATV, scooter, snow machine or UTV (side by side) starting applications.

Scorpion Stinger

  • The highest standard in Lithium powersports batteries available.
  • Heavyweight punching power in a featherweight package.
  • Scorpion Stinger LiFePo4 batteries are lighter and perform better than their competition.
  • More options. Scorpion Stinger makes available more case sizes than any other Lithium battery manufacturer, meaning you get a battery that fits your application as it was meant to.
  • Cells are internally balanced-no special charger necessary
  • 2 year free replacement, with additonal 1 year pro rated from date of purchase when used in prescribed applications*


  • Light weight Lithium Iron Phosphate Technology
  • Superior Cranking Performance
  • Charges in as little as 6 minutes
  • Can be charged with any Powersport Smart Charger meant for Lead Acid or LifePO4 Batteries


As the graph below suggests, Scorpion Stinger batteries hold a higher resting voltage than other batteries. They start higher and finish higher, meaning that during times of heavy load they have the ability to crank the starter faster and longer than the competition. For starting batteries, most of the work happens in the first 5-10 seconds. More voltage throughout that range ensures quicker starts and less strain on the starting system. Scorpion Stinger Performance Comparison

All the test batteries were fully charged and maintained for 48 hours on shop grade smart charger. Starting voltages achieved by fully charging batteries, then removing battery from any outside input for 24 hours. Each battery was tested under equal conditions at 72 °F, using a true 100 AH load to simulate starting.

This battery normally ships via USPS Priority mail, with expected* delivery time of 2-4 days. MAKE SURE YOU USE A POST OFFICE DELIVERABLE ADDRESS! Customer will be responsible for shipping charges on returns for undeliverable addresses.

Scorpion does not rate their batteries with an AH rating*. Instead, they graph out the real performance of the batteries, side by side the best lead-acid and lithium batteries on the market. This gives you the confidence to know exactly how much starting power your Scorpion Stinger has, without giving a seemingly inflated number, or a confusingly low number that is not practical. *See more detailed explanation here. *Warranty applies ONLY to vehicles listed below. As per manufacturer, ALL other use will void battery warranty.

Works In

Vehicles that SSTX12Q-FP works in

Allis-Chalmers Model 405, 508All Years
Allis-Chalmers Model 608LTD, 611LTD, 611 SpecialAll Years
Allis-Chalmers Model 611H, 613, 616 Special, 616HAll Years
Allis-Chalmers Model 830 Sprint, T811, T816All Years
Aprilia 100cc Scarabeo ST(2009-2013)
Aprilia 125cc RS1252011
Aprilia 125cc Sport City(2008-2013)
Aprilia 150cc Leonardo 150(2000-2002)
Aprilia 150cc Scarabeo(2000-2004)
Aprilia 200cc Atlantic(2004-2005)
Aprilia 200cc Scarabeo(2004-2013)
Aprilia 250cc Scarabeo(2004-2008)
Aprilia 300 Atlantic2012
Aprilia 50cc SR50(2009-2015)
Aprilia 50cc Sport City(2012-2013)
Aprilia 650cc Pegaso2000
Ariens/Gravely Model 901000,912000, 925000, 927000All Years
Ariens/Gravely Models: 91400 TillersAll Years
Ariens/Gravely Models: 927000, 912000, 925000 Rear Engine Riding MowersAll Years
BMW 650cc F650, G650GS(2011-2014)
BMW F650 CS, GS, ST, Dakar(1993-2007)
BMW F650, G650GS (650CC)(2008-2010)
Benelli 125cc CSAll Years
Benelli 125cc Jarno(c avv)All Years
Benelli 250cc (4 Cilindri)All Years
Benelli 650cc Tornado UTAll Years
Bolens Models Husky 728, 770, 829All Years
Cagiva 125cc Crouser(1987-1988)
Cagiva 125cc Freccia C9, C10R, C12R(1987-1990)
Cagiva 125cc Mito(1990-1997)
Cagiva 125cc N901997
Cagiva 125cc Roadster(1994-1997)
Cagiva 125cc Supercity(1991-1997)
Carter Brothers Models EZ 502, 502C, 702, 702CAll Years
Ducati 750cc SS Supersport Kick start(1989-1990)
Ducati 900cc SS1981
Garden Way / Troy Bilt Pony before 1996All Years
General Power Models 3-725-E7, 3-725-E8, 3-725-E9All Years
General Power Models WES725, WES725-FSAll Years
Honda 125cc ATC125M(1984-1985)
Honda 125cc CH125 Elite1984
Honda 150cc CH150 Elite Deluxe(1985-1986)
Honda 160cc CB160 Sport(1965-1969)
Honda 160cc CL160 Scrambler(1966-1968)
Honda 175cc CB175 Super Sport(1969-1973)
Honda 175cc CL175, K Scrambler(1968-1973)
Honda 200cc CB200, T(1974-1976)
Honda 200cc CL200 Scrambler1974
Honda 200cc CM200T TwinStar(1981-1982)
Honda 250cc CM250C Custom(1982-1983)
Honda 250cc CN250 Helix(2001-2007)
Honda 250cc VTR250 Interceptor VTR(1988-1990)
Honda 350cc CB350 Super Sport Four(1968-1974)
Honda 350cc CL350 Scrambler(1968-1973)
Honda 350cc SL350 Motosport(1969-1970)
Honda 360cc CB360, G, T(1974-1976)
Honda 360cc CJ360T(1976-1977)
Honda 360cc CL360 Scrambler(1974-1975)
Honda 400cc CB400A1978
Honda 400cc CB400F Super Sport(1975-1977)
Honda 400cc CB400T Hawk, Hawk II(1980-1981)
Honda 400cc CB400T Hawk, HawkII(1978-1979)
Honda 400cc CB400TI Hawk I(1978-1979)
Honda 400cc CM400 (All)(1979-1981)
Honda 450cc CB450, SS(1967-1974)
Honda 450cc CB450SC Nighthawk, T(1982-1986)
Honda 450cc CL450 Scrambler(1967-1974)
Honda 450cc CM450A Hondamatic, E(1982-1983)
Honda 450cc CMX450C Rebel(1986-1987)
Honda 500cc CB500 Four, Twin(1971-1976)
Honda 500cc GB500(1989-1990)
Honda 500cc VF500C V30 Magna(1984-1985)
Honda 500cc VF500F Interceptor(1984-1986)
Honda 500cc VT500C Shadow(1983-1986)
Honda 500cc VT500FT Ascot(1983-1984)
Honda 550cc CB550 Four, K, SS(1974-1978)
Honda 550cc CB550SC Nighthawk1983
Honda 600cc XL600V Transalp(1989-1990)
Honda 650cc CB650, Custom(1979-1982)
Honda 650cc CB650SC Nighthawk(1982-1985)
Honda 700cc VF700C Magna1987
Honda 700cc VFR700 Interceptor(1986-1987)
Honda 750cc VF750C V45 Magna1988
Honda 750cc VFR750F Interceptor1986
Huffman Mfg. Co. (Huffy) Models H-270, H-360All Years
J.I. Case M-80All Years
Jacobsen/Homelite/Hustler Models 42642, 43020, 43032, 43037All Years
Jacobsen/Homelite/Hustler Models 43043, Javelin, MK11, RE-8EAll Years
Kawasaki 125cc BN125 Eliminator(2001-2010)
Kawasaki 185cc KLF185-A Bayou(1985-1988)
Kawasaki 200cc KLT200-A, C(1981-1984)
Kawasaki 200cc KLT200-B,C1983
Kawasaki 200cc KTL200-B,C1983
Kawasaki 200cc KZ200-A(1978-1979)
Kawasaki 250cc A1 Series(1966-1971)
Kawasaki 250cc KLT250-A(1982-1983)
Kawasaki 250cc KLT250-C Prairie(1983-1985)
Kawasaki 250cc KZ250, CSR, LTD(1980-1983)
Kawasaki 305cc KZ305 CSR, LTD(1981-1988)
Kawasaki 350cc A7 Series(1966-1971)
Kawasaki 400cc KZ400 Deluxe(1977-1979)
Kawasaki 400cc KZ400-D, H(1974-1979)
Kawasaki 440cc KZ440 (All)(1980-1983)
Kawasaki 450cc EN450-A 454 LTD(1985-1990)
Kawasaki 500cc EN500-A Vulcan(1990-1996)
Kawasaki 500cc EN500-C Vulcan LTD(1996-2010)
Kawasaki 500cc H1 Series(1969-1972)
Kawasaki 550cc KZ550, LTD, GP(1980-1983)
Kawasaki 550cc KZ550-F LTD1984
Kawasaki 550cc KZ550-F Spectre1983
Kawasaki 550cc KZ550-H GP(1982-1983)
Kawasaki 550cc ZR550-B Zephyr(1990-1992)
Kawasaki 550cc ZX550-A GPz(1984-1986)
Kawasaki 600cc ZL600 (all)(1986-1997)
Kawasaki 600cc ZX600-A, B, C, D Ninja(1985-1996)
Kawasaki 650cc KZ650 SR, LTD, Custom(1977-1980)
Kawasaki 650cc KZ650-H CSR(1981-1983)
Kawasaki 700cc KZ700-A1984
Kawasaki 750cc KZ750-E, H, L LTD(1980-1983)
Kawasaki 750cc KZ750-R GP1982
Kawasaki 750cc ZX750-H Ninja ZX-71990
Kawasaki 900cc KZ900, LTD(1976-1977)
Montgomery Ward 99 and Under SeriesAll Years
Piaggio 150cc Fly 150(2009-2010)
Piaggio 150cc Fly150(2011-2016)
Piaggio 50cc Typhoon, Fly 50(2009-2016)
Roper Models 96444, 96927, 96941All Years
Roper Models K522, K853, L722, L72256RAll Years
Simplicity 3008, 3008-3, 99075All Years
Suzuki 160cc LT-F160 QuadRunner(1991-2001)
Suzuki 160cc LT160E QuadRunner(1989-2004)
Suzuki 250cc GN250(1982-1988)
Suzuki 250cc GS250T(1980-1981)
Suzuki 400cc GS400(1977-1978)
Suzuki 425cc GS425, GS425E, L1979
Suzuki 450cc GS450(1980-1982)
Suzuki 500cc GS500E, F(1989-2011)
Suzuki 550cc GS550E, ES, L, M, TX(1977-1986)
Suzuki 600cc GSX-600F Katana(1988-1997)
Suzuki 650cc DR650SE(1996-1997)
Suzuki 650cc GS650E(1981-1982)
Swisher 18 HP 32 inchAll Years
Triumph 750cc Bonneville, Tiger 750All Years
Vespa (Piaggio) 150cc FLY1502009
Vespa (Piaggio) 150cc LX150(2010-2015)
Vespa (Piaggio) 50cc FLY502009
Vespa (Piaggio) 50cc LX 50(2010-2016)
Vespa (Piaggio) 50cc Typhoon2009
Vespa (Piaggio) Hexagon125/150All Years
Vespa (Piaggio) P200E (c/avv)All Years
Vespa (Piaggio) PX125All Years
Vespa (Piaggio) PX125-80E-ARCAll Years
Vespa (Piaggio) PX125T5All Years
Vespa (Piaggio) PX150EAll Years
Vespa (Piaggio) PX150E-ARCAll Years
Vespa (Piaggio) PX200-ARCAll Years
Vespa (Piaggio) PX200-GSAll Years
Yamaha 125cc YFA-1 Breeze 125cc(1989-2004)
Yamaha 125cc YFM125S, G(2004-2011)
Yamaha 125cc YFM125S, Grizzly(2012-2013)
Yamaha 180cc XC180 Riva(1983-1985)
Yamaha 200cc XC200 Riva(1987-1991)
Yamaha 250cc SR Exciter(1980-1982)
Yamaha 250cc SRX2501987
Yamaha 250cc XV250 Route 66(1988-1990)
Yamaha 250cc XV250 Virago(1995-2003)
Yamaha 250cc XV250YCR V Star 250(2009-2017)
Yamaha 250cc YFB250, F Timber Wolf 2WD(1992-2000)
Yamaha 250cc YFB250, F Timber Wolf 4WD(1994-2000)
Yamaha 350cc YFM350FX Wolverine(1995-2005)
Yamaha 350cc YFM350X Warrior(1987-2003)
Yamaha 360cc XS360(1976-1978)
Yamaha 400cc FZR400 (All)(1988-1990)
Yamaha 400cc XS400 (All)(1980-1983)
Yamaha 500cc XV500 Virago1983
Yamaha 535cc XV535 Virago(1987-1999)
Yamaha 550cc XJ550 Maxim, R Seca(1981-1983)
Yamaha 600cc FJ600(1984-1985)
Yamaha 600cc FZ600(1986-1988)
Yamaha 600cc FZR600/R(1989-1999)
Yamaha 600cc YX600 Radian(1986-1990)
Yamaha 650cc TX6501973
Yamaha 650cc XJ650 (All)(1980-1983)
Yamaha 650cc XS21972

Tech Specs

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 5 1⁄4 x 2 15⁄16 x 5 1⁄4 in
  • Part Number: SSB12Q-FP / SSTX12Q-FP (Both Part Numbers Reflect Same Battery)
  • Weight: 2.0 lb
  • Maximum Charging Voltage: 15.0 V
  • Model: SSTX12Q-FP
  • Manufacturer: Scorpion
  • Battery Polarity: -+
  • C.C.A.: 350 - As tested Midtronics model #417755
  • Amp/Hr: *See Notes
  • Chemistry: Lithium-Iron-Phosphate
  • Warranty: 2 year free replacement, with additional 1 year pro rated from date of purchase when used in prescribed applications*
  • Manufacturer Part #: SSTX12Q-FP
  • Made In: China

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Rated 4.00/5 Stars from 6 customer reviews.

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Scorpion LiFepo
Pros: Perfect fit in my old 76 Bonneville and it's always charged.
Cons: Can't think of any.
Is this review helpful?
Written by Gordo on Nov 24, 2016. Ownership: Use regularly. Knowledge Level: I know what an outlet is — (3 of 5 customers found this review helpful
goin strong at 1 year
Pros: very strong, fast crank - that was the selling point to me, and I am pleased with it. Maintenance free. After 1 year, still going strong. It was worth the extra cost to me to know that my bike will start every day.
Cons: none seen yet
I used other (AGM type) Scorpion batteries and they did not pass my approval; they only last about 2 years max for me on both my bikes. I had a slow crank problem on my old Yamaha, and was looking for a higher CCA, this looked good to me, and it is. I am watching for length of use on this battery too, since it is a Scorpion, and after 1 year it is still good. We will see how long it lasts, but my Yamaha spins right over now, every day. I am very pleased.
Is this review helpful?
Written by msgoodwrench on Sep 07, 2015. Ownership: When it goes, I'm giving it a eulogy. Knowledge Level: AC/DC is more than a band — (5 of 6 customers found this review helpful
Bought for 1996 FLHT Electra Glide STD
Pros: Good starting power out of the box. Incredible starting (quicker than with AGM). Lightweight at only 1.9 lbs vs HD AGM at 17.7 lbs. CCA is 70 over a stock Harley AGM.
Cons: 13.8v charging power from the bike means it will live at or near 60-80% charge it's entire life (but the battery doesn't mind it and it doesn't shorten battery life). Have to pay attention to overvolt charging, don't go above 15.0v or you will damage the cells and shorten the life of the battery if you use an SLA charger. No balance charging port.
My FLHT has the stock radio system in it, so there's an added powerdraw, but I have replaced every other light in there (except passing lamps) with LED's, saving me gobs of wattage (22 marker/gauge lights @ 5w each + Brake Light @10w + Headlight at 55w with 5w marker light) for a total savings of 180W (or between 12 and 15 amps off the stock 32 amp charging system). Only reason I didn't go with the bigger recommended battery is because I'm not drawing anywhere near what a completely stock bike would draw.
Is this review helpful?
Written by Blake on Aug 25, 2017. Ownership: Just Bought. Knowledge Level: Genius is my way of life — (2 of 3 customers found this review helpful
Only for warm weather
Pros: Love the weight savings. On the BMW F650GS (2006) the battery compartment is up high, where a motorcycle gas tank normally sits. The reduced weight up high improves handling and off-roading.
Cons: I live in the Pacific Northwest. When they say these battery types don't like cold weather - they even mean low 50' or 40's. I ride year round and this is pretty common in Oct., Nov, Dec. and throughout the winter. The bike won't start quickly - you have to let it sit with the lights/electronics on for a few minutes, try starting, let it sit some more...
Having both the Scorpion Stinger and the Shorai LifePO4 Lithium Iron Phosphate - the Shorai held up better. I didn't start having starting delays until a couple years in (and post-when the weather was in the teens for a week.) After that the Shorai started being slow starting up but the Scorpion was that way out of the box.

Since I don't own a car, and only ride, I may even switch back to the AGM battery. at 9lb is less weight than the stock battery but it will be more reliable in colder weather.
Is this review helpful?
Written by Jamesongrrl on Nov 15, 2015. Ownership: Use regularly. Knowledge Level: Electricity doesn't scare me.. usually — (14 of 14 customers found this review helpful
Received wrong product
Did not receive the product I ordered
***Note From****
Manufacturer is producing two part numbers for the same battery. Battery can arrive as an SSB12Q-FP or an SSTX12Q-FP. Both part numbers reflect the same battery.
Is this review helpful?
Written by Guillermo on May 16, 2019. Verified Purchase
awesome performance!
This is my second purchase of this battery. I just replaced my first one - it was 4 years old and was still doing good....until I let it sit with the parking lights on (accidently) for 3 hours. Needless to say, that killed that battery. But, I was so satisfied with the first one, I always said when something happens to this battery I will replace it with the same thing in a heartbeat! I came right home and ordered another one. It has never failed to spin my starter quickly and get the bike running. I have a 30+ year old bike and the original type battery just wasn't cutting it anymore. I never knew if it would start or not, so I looked for a high cranking amp battery. This fits the bill, and does very well. I am well pleased and so have bought my second one. When my old Gold Wing needs a new battery I will look here too.
Is this review helpful?
Written by Barbara on May 10, 2019. Verified Purchase

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