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Mobility Electronics 24v Wheelchair Charger with Car Adapter MC24EX

Mobility Electronics 24v Wheelchair Charger with Car Adapter MC24EX
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BatteryStuff Part #: MC24EX
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Vehicle to Mobility 12 volt input, 24 volt output smart charger. FOR LEAD ACID BATTERIES ONLY. This includes AGM, Flooded and Gel.

Mobility Electronics 24v Wheelchair Charger with Car Adapter MC24EX
Product Description

The MobileCharge MC24EX is the most advanced microprocesor controlled charger of it’s type. Using your car’s cigarette lighter, it transfers power from your vehicle charging system directly to your mobility scooter 24 volt battery pack. The 4 stage charging profile quickly charges your 24 volt Mobility scooter to it’s maximum charge, and then immediatley goes into float mode for proper battery maintenance. This charger monitors your car’s charging system and battery level, and will sense whether your car is running or not. When the car is running, the full charge rate of 2.5 amps is applied. When your vehicle is off, the Mobile Charge MC24EX will continue to charge your 24 volt system for 2.5 hours, or until the voltage in your vehicle battery drops below a safe re-starting level.

  • Smart technology for an exact charge
  • Float Mode when fully charged
  • Will not overcharge your battery
  • Auto shut off after 2.5 hours of supply vehicle being parked
  • Includes XLR 3 pin connector, which fits most mobility scooters.
  • Optimal 3 Step Charging
  • Built-in Mode Indicators
  • Demand Sensing
  • Over Voltage Protected
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Overload Protection
  • 60 day free replacement Warranty
Now you can leave your Mobility scooter in your vehicle and it will charge while you drive! * Flat Rate shipping is for the lower 48 states only.

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Technical Specifications
Length 3 7/8
Width 2.8
Height 1
Weight .87
Shipping Weight (lb.) 1
DC Output Amps 2.5 max
Charge Voltage 28.8 max
Float Voltage 27.25
Power Requirements 12 volt minimum
Enclosure ABS plastic
Output Banks 1
Warranty 60 day free replacement
Model: MC24EX
Manufacturer: Mobility Electronics
Manufacturer Part #: MC24EX
Made In: Assembled in USA
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