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Blinded by the facts?

Ever get so much information, often competing with itself, that you cannot seem to sort up from down? Without wholly setting aside scientific data, we can sometimes use common sense and logic to study a product. What are the claims made by the product? Could it possibly do what the manufacturer claims?

What about solar?  This is a hot topic, and one we deal with every day. Here is a simple starting point. If we could recharge a trolling motor size battery in a few hours with a small panel, we would all be driving solar powered cars.  But we don't drive solar powered cars, because you cannot charge that quickly with solar. Well, not in a portable fashion anyways. It would take many Amps and much $$$ to do this, and is usually cheaper to buy a generator. In any portable application, or low draw setup solar is great, but it is not ready for the 'Big time.' Hey, we wish it was. We do offer solar, but we want you to be aware of it’s limitations before you become an unsatisfied customer. Truth be told, our online techs probably spend more time ‘un-selling’ solar than selling it. Customer service is very important to us, and we are willing to take the bet that you’d rather be told the truth than buy something that you cannot use.

At, wee do our best to ferret out the facts, myths and misunderstandings regarding the products we carry so you don't have to worry. Ask us, and buy with confidence!


  • Solar Systems the Right Way
    We have created an easy path that takes you from solar newbie to grand high poobah in a few easy steps. One of our goals is to educate our customers so that they understand not just what we recommend, but why. read more
  • OK, So What Size Panel Do I need?
    First, the notes: We hope this solar calculator will make sizing your panels and batteries a little less painful. Keep in mind that this is only a calculator, and it will directly reflect whatever you, the user, inputs into the fields. If your base calculations are off by even a little bit, the results reflected can be skewed by quite a bit, so view this as a guide, not an absolute. read more
  • Can I Use a Solar Battery Charger to Keep My RV Battery Charged?
    Yes! You first must calculate how much power you used, so you know how much you need to replace. Your heater will be rated in watts or amps. Multiply that number by the estimated number of hours the heater ran, and you will have your baseline number. Once you have that you can calculate what size panel you need. You can use our solar calculator once you have that info. read more
  • Solar Panel Installation Tips
    BatteryStuff Solar Panels use high quality Poly-Crystalline solar cells. Diodes contained within the junction box insure reliable operation and no drain during low light conditions. Anodized aluminum frames add strength and durability to the modules. Includes pre-drilled mounting holes. The modules have a 20-year, 80% power output warranty. read more
  • How Do I Keep My RV Battery Charged When in Storage?
    If your starting battery is going dead in about a month while you vehicle is in storage, it would be fair to assume you are using about 60-75 amps(typical RV sized starting battery) in that period. To break it down further, we can assume 2-3 amps per day. read more
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