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PC625 Odyssey 12v 200 CCA Power Sport and Motorcycle AGM Battery

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Product InformationStore Part Number: PC625


Odyssey (Drycell) batteries are military grade batteries and have endured rigorous tests that demonstrate their overall ruggedness and exceptional tolerance of mechanical abuse. The Odyssey battery offers higher cranking amps and additional reserve capacity as compared to the stock battery. Adding water is a thing of the past, and corrosion will cease to exist. A couple of other great attributes are vibration resistance and low internal discharge rate, thus offering physical endurance and superior off-season storage potential. A life span of 5 plus years can be expected if the Odyssey is fully charged and stored in the non-use season. An unbelievable 2 year warranty is standard on this Made in the USA battery.

*BatteryStuff understands the importance of getting a replacement battery right away and usually ships all batteries the same day as ordered if recieved before 1:30pm(pacific), however USPS does not guarantee delivery times with priority mail.


  • Maintenance Free
  • Sealed design
  • No liquid Zero corrosion
  • Absorbed glass mat technology
  • Exceptional heat and vibration resistance
  • Very low self-discharge rate
  • Extremely High Cranking Amps
  • Extra heavy duty terminal design



Odyssey is the best battery you can buy, offering the most cranking power available of any battery its size, a whooping 530 amps for 5 seconds when full charged. The physical case size of the PC625 was designed for military applications and may not be a perfect fit for your application as it is sometimes a bit smaller; but more powerful; than the original battery. In some applications minor cable modifications maybe required.

Works In

Vehicles that PC625 works in

Bombardier (BRP), Can Am 500cc Traxter (All Models) Quest(1999-2005)
Bombardier (BRP), Can Am 650cc Quest(2002-2005)
Bombardier Sea-Doo 1500cc All Models (excluding 4 stroke)(1988-2007)
Kawasaki 1100cc JH1100 ZXi(1996-2003)
Kawasaki 1100cc JH1100-B Ultra 130(2001-2004)
Kawasaki 300cc JS300 TS, SX(1986-1991)
Kawasaki 300cc KLF-C Bayou 300 4x4 (CN)(1992-2005)
Kawasaki 300cc KLF300-A Bayou(1986-1987)
Kawasaki 300cc KLF300-B Bayou (CN)(1994-1999)
Kawasaki 300cc KVF300-A Prairie 300, 4x4 (CN)(1999-2001)
Kawasaki 300cc KVF300-B Prairie 300, 4x4 (CN)(1999-2002)
Kawasaki 400cc KLF400-B Bayou 400 4x4(1993-2000)
Kawasaki 400cc KVF400-A Prairie 400 4x4 (CN)(1997-2000)
Kawasaki 400cc KVF400-B Prairie 400 4x4 (CN)(1998-2000)
Kawasaki 440cc JS440(1987-1992)
Kawasaki 550cc JS550, SX(1986-1995)
Kawasaki 650cc JF650 TS(1989-1996)
Kawasaki 650cc JF650 X2(1986-1995)
Kawasaki 650cc JL650 SC(1991-1995)
Kawasaki 650cc JS650 SX(1987-1995)
Kawasaki 750cc JH750 SS, ST, Xi, XiR(1992-1999)
Kawasaki 750cc JS750 SX, ZX(1992-1995)
Kawasaki KAF450, Mule 1000(2003-2011)
Kawasaki KAF540, Mule 2010, 2020, 2030All Years
Kawasaki KAF620, Mule 2500, 2510, 2520(2003-2011)
Odyssey Batteries
Polaris All ModelsAll Years
Yamaha 1100cc VX(2009-2011)
Yamaha 1800cc FX(2009-2011)
Yamaha 700cc Superjet(2009-2011)
Yamaha All Wave Runner(1987-2008)

Tech Specs

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 6.70 x 3.90 x 6.89 in
  • Weight: 14.3 lb
  • Shipping Weight: 16 lb
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to 140 °F
  • Amp/Hr: 16
  • Model: PC625
  • Manufacturer: Odyssey
  • Battery Polarity: -+
  • C.C.A.: 200
  • Warranty: 2 Year
  • OEM Ref: YB16HL-A-CX, YB16L-B, 12N16-3B, Y60-N24AL-B, YB16CL-B (jetski battery), 12N24-3, 12N24-3A
  • Max. Discharge Current (A) 5 sec.: 530 A
  • Charged: Ready to Install
  • Manufacturer Part #: PC625
  • Made In: USA

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PC625 Odyssey 12v
Pros: I used one of these for 5 years and it is still operating. It's the best small battery I have ever used.
Cons: It would be nice if it only weighed 1/2 as much.
I am replacing the old battery just because I don't want to get stuck somewhere because of an old battery's possible failure.
Is this review helpful?
Written by on Feb 04, 2013. Ownership: When it goes, I'm giving it a eulogy. Knowledge Level: AC/DC is more than a band — (85 of 165 customers found this review helpful
Odyssey PC625
Pros: These are wonderful batteries, and I have one that have lasted 8 years as a starting battery in an ultralight aircraft.
Cons: None
I know they now make lighter batteries, but the weight/durability tradeoff keeps me buying these. I have three in service now, two in watercraft, one in an aircraft.
Is this review helpful?
Written by on May 16, 2014. Ownership: When it goes, I'm giving it a eulogy. Knowledge Level: AC/DC is more than a band — (82 of 160 customers found this review helpful
Good battery source
Pros: Battery was priced right and delivered in just a few days. I had no problems with order.
Cons: I think the battery is rated at higher CCA than the company listed in its info. (better than advertised?)
I have already recommended this company, and my buddy bought a the same type battery since.
Is this review helpful?
Written by on Feb 04, 2013. Ownership: Just Bought. Knowledge Level: AC/DC is more than a band — (83 of 160 customers found this review helpful
Odyssey PWC battery
Pros: Great product. I will buy from these folks again
Cons: Took a month before I received my battery, but I waited almost 3 weeks before I called. Traced back my order with customer service through my PayPal account. I think it was more of a computer glitch than a BatteryStuff issue. Customer service seemed truly concerned that there was an issue with my order and promptly got my battery to me. Main thing is, they were concerned that the order was mishandled and made it right. Thanks again customer service!
Is this review helpful?
Written by on May 29, 2014. Ownership: Just Bought. Knowledge Level: AC/DC is more than a band — (81 of 158 customers found this review helpful
fantastic service
Pros: This is the second one of these batteries that I have owned. First one gave good service, so I bought a second. The thing that impressed me most though, wasn\'t the battery, it was the service. Great price and the thing shipped to me faster than I would have ever thought possible!
Cons: None.
Is this review helpful?
Written by on May 23, 2013. Ownership: Just Bought. Knowledge Level: AC/DC is more than a band — (85 of 161 customers found this review helpful

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