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ChargeTek 12v 20 Amp On-Board Marine 2 Bank Boat Charger TPro-220

ChargeTek 12v 20 Amp On-Board Marine 2 Bank Boat Charger TPro-220
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BatteryStuff Part #: TPro-220

ChargeTek 12v 20 Amp On-Board Marine 2 Bank Boat Charger TPro-220
Product Description

The TPro-220 is a sophisticated 20 amp, 2 bank battery charger. It can be configured in many different battery system setups, and used as either an onboard, portable, or wall mounted unit. Charging is controlled by an embedded microcontroller that contains software developed exclusively by ChargeTek Inc. This electronic brain insures that all batteries will be fully and properly recharged, regardless of the condition of any one of the batteries it is tasked to charge. The TPro-220 precisely controls charge voltage and current to insure a complete charge every time it is cycled. This charger may be left connected indefinitely to the batteries, maintaining full charge at all times. The TPro Utilizes state of the art high frequency power processing that converts the AC line power to 12 volt DC efficiently and safely. This charger is completely waterproof and sealed with UL approved 94VO flame retardant epoxy. This process provides extreme vibration and shock resistance, and ensures the toughest charger protection possible.

The TPro-220 will direct its current to the battery that requires the most charge. In other words, unlike most other 2 bank chargers, it can direct up to 20 amps to one battery, or 10 amps to each battery and so on. Yes, the charge banks are independent, but this power direction function automatically and efficiently cuts down on total charge time.

This charger is safe for all Flooded and AGM lead acid batteries.

  • 3 State Charge Cycle, recommended by most battery manufacturers to return the battery to full capacity and extend battery life.
  • Fully Automatic
  • Completely waterproof for harsh marine environments
  • Waterproof & Easy Install
  • Optimal 3 Step Charging
  • 2 Fully Isolated Outputs
  • Built-in Mode Indicators
  • Spark Free Hook Up
  • Demand Sensing
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Over Voltage Protected
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Overload Protection
  • Withstand Voltage
  • Line Regulation
  • Load Regulation
  • Thermal Protection
  • 2 year Warranty

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Technical Specifications
Length 8
Width 7
Height 3
Weight 12
Shipping Weight (lb.) 13
DC Output Amps 20 A
Output Amperage, Max Continuous 20 A
Max Current, During Bulk Charge 20 A
Maximum Charging Current 20 A
Output Voltage Charging 14.5 V
Output Voltage Maintenance 13.5 V
Absorption Voltage 14.5 V
AC Input Amps 6 amps
Maximum AC Current @ 108 VAC 5
Maximum AC Current @ 96 VAC 5.5
Maximum AC Current @ 90 VAC 6
AC Input Volts 120 V
AC Input Volts Freq. 50-60 Hz
AC Input Volts Range 90-132 VAC
Max Inrush Current, Single Cycle 40 A
Charge Voltage 14.5 V
Float Voltage 13.3-13.5 V
Typical Efficiency 80%
Power Requirements 400 W
Maximum Power Output, Continuous 300 W
Output Banks 2
Warranty 2 year
Withstand Voltage 2 kV
Recommended Use Marine/Industral
Regulatory Approval UL/CSA1236
Manufacturer: Chargetek
Manufacturer Part #: TPro-220
Made In: Taiwan
Instruction Manual
Icon Pdf Download Installation Manual

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