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Xtreme Charge 8-Station QuadLink Battery Charger Kit by PulseTech - QL4-K2

Xtreme Charge 8-Station QuadLink Battery Charger Kit by PulseTech - QL4-K2
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BatteryStuff Part #: QL4-K2
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Fully automatic, microprocessor controlled Xtreme charger that will safely charge, desulphate, and maintain your batteries.

Xtreme Charge 8-Station QuadLink Battery Charger Kit by PulseTech - QL4-K2
Product Description

The 8-Station QuadLink Charger Kit includes an Xtreme 2-Station 12 V Battery Charger, (2) QuadLink multipliers, a 12 V battery tester, (10) 2' battery leads with lugs, (2) 2' battery lead with clips, (8) 5' extension leads and (4) 25' extension leads - everything you need to charge, maintain and desulfate EIGHT individual 12V (VRLA, AGM and flooded cell) batteries or up to FOUR 24 V commercial systems composed of two 12 V batteries connected in series. 

  • Charge and maintain up to EIGHT 12-Volt lead-acid VRLA, AGM and flooded batteries
  • Desulfate batteries so they accept, store, and release maximum power
  • Extend battery life up to 5 times
  • Enables charging of 12 V batteries in 24 V, 36 V and 48 V series configurations
  • Charging sequence continues indefinitely without risk of overcharging or overheating
  • Eliminates the need for using 8 separate chargers
  • LEDs indicate charging, pulsing and battery state of charge
  • Fully-automatic microprocessor controlled technology
  • Reverse battery protection and indication
  • Sparkless operation
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty
X2 Charger by PulseTech. Tests, charges and desulphates lead acid batteries, Xtreme Charger is rated at 2.5 amps, but charges as fast as a 5 amp charger. Pulse Tech 12v QuadLink 4-Channel Charger Multiplier automatically split and distribute 10-minute charge segments to each of four charging channels connected to up to four vehicles or battery packs! This means it will charge/desulphate one battery at a time for 10 minutes depending on the battery's need, then switch to the next channel. With the X2 Charger you can connect two Pulse Tech 12v QuadLink 4-Channel Charger Multiplier and have 8 batteries connected at a time! *Flat Rate shipping is for the lower 48 states only.*

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Technical Specifications
Length 8 / 5.5
Width 6.5 / 4.13
Height 2.5 / 1
Weight 7.15
Shipping Weight (lb.) 8
DC Output Amps 2.5 Amps Per Station
Output Amperage, Max Continuous 2.5 Output
AC Input Volts 110/220 V
AC Input Volts Freq. 50/60 Hz
AC Input Volts Range 90-250 V
Desulphation Pulse 22-28 KHz
Manufacturer Pulse Tech
Banks 8
Made In Asia
Model: X2-QL4-K2 100X206
Manufacturer: Pulse Tech
Manufacturer Part #: 100X206
Made In: Asia
Instruction Manual
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