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Marinco Guest 12v/24v 10/5 Amp 3 Bank On-Board Marine Charger GU2623A

Marinco Guest 12v/24v 10/5 Amp 3 Bank On-Board Marine Charger GU2623A
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BatteryStuff Part #: GU2623A

Rugged, waterproof design for the demanding consumer!

Marinco Guest 12v/24v 10/5 Amp 3 Bank On-Board Marine Charger GU2623A
Product Description

Guest 25 amp (10/5/10 amps) 3-stage fully automatic electronic triple output charger is designed to recharge 2 batteries in series equaling 24 volts or 2 separate 12 volt batteries. The third 5 amp output is used for charging a single 12 volt application. Typically this charger design is used on boats with a 24 volt trolling motor; pairing two 12 volt batteries in series for 24 volts and a 12 volt engine and accessory battery.

Recommended uses: Bulk charge of flooded, AGM, gel and maintenance free batteries under 110 amp hours and charge/maintenance of batteries partially discharged up to 150 amp hours. Some popular are applications marine and RV battery charging and maintenance.

  • 3-Stage switching electronic circuitry
  • LED Charge Status
  • Completely Automatic: plug it in and forget it
  • Maintenance Mode protects batteries during storage
  • Ignition Protection
  • Vibration and Shock protected
  • Fully potted to waterproof electronics
  • Input Cord 6'
  • Triple fused output 6' each
  • Waterproof & Easy Install
  • Built-in Mode Indicators
  • Spark Free Hook Up
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Line Regulation
  • Load Regulation
  • Thermal Protection
  • 2 Year Warranty
Will not work on single 24 volt battery such as aircraft design batteries. Suitable for True Gel Batteries.

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Technical Specifications
Length 13
Width 7
Height 2.6
Weight 13
Shipping Weight (lb.) 14
Max Current, During Bulk Charge 25 A
Absorption Voltage 14.4 V
AC Input Amps 6.25 A
AC Input Volts 115 V
AC Input Volts Freq. 50/60 Hz
AC Input Volts Range 100–130 V
Float Current Variable
Float Voltage 13.3 V
Output Banks 3
Regulatory Approval FCC Class A EMC
Manufacturer: Guest/Marinco
Manufacturer Part #: GU2623A
Made In: Asia
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