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Solar Articles

What can (or can't) you do with Solar Power


  • Solar Systems the Right Way
    There is quite a bit of info needed to correctly size your solar power backup system. We try to help answer these solar power questions and more daily here at Because these types of questions are so common, we have created an easy path that guides you with a few easy steps. Please refer to our article for further info. read more
  • What Size Solar Panel Do I need?
    We created a solar calculator to assist with sizing your panels and batteries. Keep in mind that this is only a calculator, and it will directly reflect whatever you input into the fields. If your base calculations are off by even a little bit, the results reflected can be skewed by quite a bit, so view this as a guide and not an absolute. read more
  • Solar Info: The Down Low on Everything Up High
    Rain or shine we get a huge number of calls about solar power each day. We’ll attempt to answer the questions asked most often so we can save you a phone call. read more
  • Solar Panel Installation Tips
    BatteryStuff Solar Panels use high quality Poly-Crystalline solar cells. Diodes contained within the junction box insure reliable operation and no drain during low light conditions. Anodized aluminum frames add strength and durability to the modules. Includes pre-drilled mounting holes. The modules have a 20-year, 80% power output warranty. read more
  • Can I charge my trolling motor batteries with a solar panel?
    Adding solar panels to a trolling motor battery pack can be beneficial in certain circumstances. covers three scenarios that customers typically ask us about solar charging their trolling motor battery pack. read more
  • Can I Run my Device Directly from Solar Power?
    We get asked this question a lot: Can I run (enter device here) directly off solar energy? The simple answer is this: Yes and no. Learn more... read more

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