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Large/RV/Marine Batteries FAQ


  • Can I Use a Solar Battery Charger to Keep My RV Battery Charged?
    Yes! You first must calculate how much power you used, so you know how much you need to replace. Keep in mind that solar only charges when the sun is shining on the panel, which is roughly 6-7 hours per day average. To charge a discharged RV sized battery with a solar panel in 6 hours would take a couple 100 watt+ panels. read more
  • Will a Small Charger Maintain a Large Bank of Batteries?
    Quick answer: No.
    When you are dealing with a bank of batteries that is collectively larger than a car battery (max 100 amp/hours), you should crunch the numbers to find the ideal charger for your situation. Normal static power drain on a brand-new battery can be as high as 2-3% a month, which in the case of a 1000-amp battery pack (total) would translate to roughly 30 amps. read more
  • How Do I Keep My RV Battery Charged When in Storage?
    If your starting battery is going dead in about a month while your vehicle is in storage, it would be fair to assume you are using about 60-75 amps (typical RV sized starting battery) in that period. You will need to figure out how much drain you have and then estimate your drain per day. All that is need from here is to select a panel that will produce the right amount of amps. read more
  • When Should I Add Extra Sulfuric Acid to my Battery?
    Unless a battery was tipped over and all the acid spilled out, we recommend that you add only distilled water. All the chemical needed to make sulfuric acid is still in the battery; the water that is just gone. If you add more acid, you will be changing the chemical makeup of the battery which can lead to incorrect sulfuric content. read more
  • Can I Store My Battery on a Concrete Floor?
    Battery cases made of plastic do not leak and can be stored on nearly any surface, including a surface with standing water with no negative effects. Old Battery cases made of inferior material, such as hard rubber or tar, would develop micro cracks over time and become porous, which when left on wet ground or damp concrete would begin to self-discharge. read more
  • Solar Systems the Right Way
    There is quite a bit of info needed to correctly size your solar power backup system. We try to help answer these solar power questions and more daily here at Because these types of questions are so common, we have created an easy path that guides you with a few easy steps. Please refer to our article for further info. read more
  • What Size Solar Panel Do I need?
    We created a solar calculator to assist with sizing your panels and batteries. Keep in mind that this is only a calculator, and it will directly reflect whatever you input into the fields. If your base calculations are off by even a little bit, the results reflected can be skewed by quite a bit, so view this as a guide and not an absolute. read more
  • Do you have any Solar Panel Installation Tips? - RV and Marine
    Yes! Please refer to our Solar Panel Installation Tips article. You can also check out our Solar Tutorials, or call 541-474-4421 for Tech Help. read more

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