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Large/RV/Marine Batteries FAQ


  • Can I Use a Solar Battery Charger to Keep My RV Battery Charged?
    Yes! You first must calculate how much power you used, so you know how much you need to replace. Your heater will be rated in watts or amps. Multiply that number by the estimated number of hours the heater ran, and you will have your baseline number. Once you have that you can calculate what size panel you need. You can use our solar calculator once you have that info. read more
  • Will a Small Charger Maintain a Large Bank of Batteries?
    Quick answer: No.
    We recommend that you should size a maintenance charger to be no smaller than about 1.5% of your battery packs full rated value. If you need to replace charge that has been drained by use, we recommend you go as close to 10-20% of the full value as possible. read more
  • How Do I Keep My RV Battery Charged When in Storage?
    If your starting battery is going dead in about a month while you vehicle is in storage, it would be fair to assume you are using about 60-75 amps(typical RV sized starting battery) in that period. To break it down further, we can assume 2-3 amps per day. read more
  • When Should I Add Extra Sulfuric Acid to my Battery?
    When you see your battery acid level begin to drop, you may wonder when and if it is appropriate to add acid, or just water. We recommend that unless a battery was tipped over and all the acid spilled out, that you add only distilled water. read more
  • Can I Store My Battery on a Concrete Floor?
    This one is an often heard ‘old wives tale’. It used to be that battery cases were made of inferior material such as hard rubber, or even tar. This material would develop micro cracks over time and become porous, and left on wet ground or damp concrete would begin to self discharge. Nowadays, battery cases are made of plastic that does not leak and can be stored on nearly any surface, even left in standing water with no ill effects. read more
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