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Solar Panel Installation - RV and Marine Kit Solar Install Video. Here is a visual demonstration of how to install one of our Solar Kits. The one in the video is our 100 watt RV Marine solar panel kit. It is a fairly simple project, but it helps to have a visual aid when preparing to do something like this.

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  • I attempted to hook a trickle charger and a solar panel simultaneous to a 12V 26 amp battery and I think I fried the regulator on the solar panel side with too much juice from the trickled charged battery? Is there a way to prevent the trickle charge from killing the solar panel’s regulator while both are hooked up to the battery?

    How can I directly hook an AC trickle charger to a battery while the same battery is hooked up to a solar panel, with a regulator, unless you know of some type of, “relay” that can switch to the solar power if the AC gets turned off? I am not sure if, “relay” is the right term?

    I currently have a Deltran battery tender/trickle charger running off of AC power to keep a 12V 26HAmp battery that is running a small electrical system. I also have a solar panel with 20W of available power going into a solar regulator stepping it down to 12 V but it is currently not hooked up.

    Thank you,


    December 10, 2014 a 10:45 am
    • If you are unsure if your panel is protected from being hooked up with a charger then I would suggest utilizing a solar charge controller. The charge controller will regulate the charge and is recommend anytime you exceed a 5 watts panel, plus it protects the panel in case it doesn’t have the built in protection.

      BatteryStuff Tech
      January 2, 2015 a 1:41 pm
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