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Does My Motorcycle Have a Gel Cell battery?

Does My Motorcycle Have a Gel Battery

Except for a few European bikes such as limited BMW and Ducati models, AGM is the standard battery type. In almost all motorcycles that have sealed batteries, that sealed battery is an AGM, not a Gel. In fact, if you were to find a correctly sized Gel battery, it is very likely that using it in your snowmobile, ATV, or motorcycle will lead to early battery failure.

Here's why: Gel batteries require a slightly lower overall charge voltage than either a standard lead acid or AGM. Your powersports charging system will be preset from the factory to charge at the higher, standard rate that is safe for Wet cell and sealed AGM, but not so good for Gel. It is not uncommon for people to generically call every sealed battery a Gel, but in fact, NO major motorcycle battery manufacturer (Yuasa, Scorpion, Interstate, etc.) even makes power sports sized Gel batteries.

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  • Thanks for the info; this is nice to know!
    June 2, 2013 a 8:02 pm
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