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Solar Panel Installation Tips

BatteryStuff Solar Panels use high quality Poly-Crystalline solar cells. Diodes contained within the junction box insure reliable operation and no drain during low light conditions. Anodized aluminum frames add strength and durability to the modules. Includes pre-drilled mounting holes. The modules have a 20-year, 80% power output warranty. more...

Be Prepared - Jump Start Pack

One of the guys left his lights on, and we jumped on the opportunity to show you, what not to do...and what you should do. First the don't: 200 ft, 5 different types of extension cords, 30 amp charging...very bad. The do: Be prepared with a jump start pack. more...

Quick Cable RESCUE Jump Pack 1800

On the coldest day of the year, Quick Cable took the RESCUE Jump Pack 1800 to a local car dealer to help jump cars with dead batteries. Of the 110 vehicles on the lot, 11 needed a jump. After starting all 11 dead vehicles, the jump pack's battery status meter was still in the green. All indications were the RESCUE Jump Pack could have continued jump starting more vehicles...without re-charging the jump pack even once. more...

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