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Can I Store My Battery on a Concrete Floor?

Battery cases made of plastic do not leak and can be stored on nearly any surface, including a surface with standing water with no negative effects. Old Battery cases made of inferior material, such as hard rubber or tar, would develop micro cracks over time and become porous, which when left on wet ground or damp concrete would begin to self-discharge. more...

Does Starting My Motorcycle in the Winter Charge the Battery?

While starting your bike every few weeks in the winter may be good for the mechanics of it, it could end up harming your battery. Your vehicle's charging system does not truly ramp up until it gets far above idle, sometimes as high as 5000rpm! Unless you hold'er wide open for 10 or 15 minutes, you may not get enough of a charge. You either need to keep it on a decent maintenance charger, such as a Battery Tender, or you need to suck it up and go for a 20+ mile ride every couple weeks! more...

Why BatteryStuff?

We offer the largest selection of top-notch battery chargers, batteries, and solar panels available anywhere. Unlike some of our competitors, we STOCK all major brands offered in our state-of-the-art 14,000 sq. ft. warehouse located in beautiful Southern Oregon. We also offer real, live technical support through online chat and phone to help you learn more about any of our products such as Battery Tender, PRI, Sunlinq, Scorpion, Genius, Pulse Tech, or any of the many brands we carry. more...
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Cost Benefit Ratio

Because of their initial industrial intent, all of the liquid chemistry products we offer are very concentrated. We have found most ‘off the shelf’ automotive consumer products are diluted for retail sales. Can you tell which one will give you more value for you money? more...

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