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Motorcycle, ATV, Jetski, Snowmobile, & Scooter Batteries

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Motorcycle Batteries offers top quality motorcycle replacement batteries for Yuasa, GS, Westco, Power Max, and Yacht batteries. We have selected these superior brands to offer; Motocross(Yuasa), Scorpion, Adventure Power and Odyssey Extreme.

We supply replacement Motorcycle batteries for Harley, Honda, Yamaha, BMW, and nearly every major brand of motorcycle, dirt bike, street bike, ATV, watercraft (jet ski), motor scooter, snowmobile and utility vehicle. We stock fresh batteries for 97% of power sport applications.

Quality Customer Service for your Battery Needs

Not only do we discount all of our motorcycle battery prices, we also offer the best customer service of any online retailer. All maintenance-free batteries are fully charged and tested before shipping so they are guaranteed to start. Feel free to read about our value added system, or V.A.S. In addition, a limited warranty of one year is provided on all activated maintenance free AGM motorcycle batteries except Odyssey Extreme, which has a 2-year limited warranty.

We are pleased to announce that now offers customer-activated batteries, which ship with electrolyte included. Typically this motorcycle battery is available for applications not covered by the maintenance free AGM batteries we sell.. We will also offer some customer-activated, high performance replacement motorcycle batteries, which are priced less than AGM batteries.

Please be aware that the longevity and performance of power sport batteries depends on how the replacement motorcycle battery is used and stored. We suggest you purchase a quality smart start charger such as the Battery Tender or other fine 12-volt charger/maintainer. Many of the big road bike such as Harley, Honda, Kawaski, Suzuki, and Yamaha have battery drain during storage because of the on board computer.

Why Buy Motocross batteries? 

Motocross batteries are made by Yuasa, in the same factories that make their OEM replacement batteries.  The Motocross label was a response to bring reasonably priced high quality batteries to  specialty aftermarket resellers such as BatteryStuff, without upsetting their Regional distributors by encroaching on previously protected 'territories'.  What this means is that you get the same unsurpassed quality that Yuasa is known worldwide for, without paying the higher prices demanded by your local dealership. These batteries come off the same production runs as their Yuasa brethren,  and are virtually identical in every way, save for the label put on the battery when it is packed in its consumer packaging.  This is a bit like the difference between a Chevy and GMC pickup truck.

Who is Scorpion Battery?

Scorpion Battery Co. was founded by motorcycle and Powersport enthusiasts that were tired of having to make a choice between overpriced quality batteries, and cheaply made inexpensive 'junk' batteries. Founded on the notion that you can have quality at an affordable price, Scorpion is proud to offer their line of high quality batteries that are guaranteed to match or exceed the specs set by the OEM manufacturer

AGM and Gel Batteries

AGM and Gel motorcycle batteries are typically mistaken for one another. Here are some points that will help clarify the difference:  

Gel Batteries

The Gel Cell is similar to the AGM style because the electrolyte is suspended, but different because charging requirements and cycle life. The electrolyte in a GEL cell has a thick silica additive to suspend the electrolyte.  Gel batteries are very rare in Motorcycle/powersports applications, limited to just a few BMW applications.