12 Volt Smart Battery Chargers: 4 Amps and Under

All the 12 volt chargers on this page are fully automatic, and can be left connected to your batteries long term without worry of overcharge. These small, 1-4 amp chargers are designed to maintain the charge on your batteries while in storage, and will also recharge smaller batteries up to 30ah. Perfect for motorcycle, ATV and other powersports batteries, as well as alarm and general use lead acid batteries.




When you're looking for a low output battery charger, you want a multi stage charger that will take care of your battery. You want it to be fully automatic so that you can leave it on for any length of time and not have to worry about it ever overcharging your battery. All of the chargers found on this page fit that description. Designed to charge batteries up to 35 amp, and maintain single batteries up to 100 amps.

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