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YB9L-A2 Scorpion 12v 160 CCA Power Sport Wet Battery with Acid Pack

YB9L-A2 Scorpion 12v 160 CCA Power Sport Wet Battery with Acid Pack
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BatteryStuff Part #: sYB9L-A2
Replaces: Yuasa YB9L-A2, other 9L-A2
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This battery will ship ONLY via UPS ground. Air or USPS transport not available with included acid pack

YB9L-A2 Scorpion 12v 160 CCA Power Sport Wet Battery with Acid Pack
Product Description

YB9L-A2 Scorpion wet cell is not an ordinary replacement battery but a specially designed rugged and powerful battery. The Scorpion batteries typically offer higher cranking amps and additional reserve capacity as compared to other replacements batteries. These batteries are shipped in specially designed packaging which includes the correct amount of electrolyte; end user must add electrolyte and activate battery. Offering vibration resistance and low internal discharge rate, you will achieve longer physical endurance and superior off-season storage potential. However, for long-term storage(30 days or more of non-use), we recommend a maintenance charger.

  • Scorpion Batteries
  • Features
  • Customer activated battery ships with acid pack- Special active battery plate compound allowing greater dependability
  • Heat sealed polypropylene case resist extreme conditions
  • Sealed posts prevents corrosion
  • Glass Mat technology increases battery cell life
  • Greater resistance to vibration damage
  • Safety valve relieves excessive pressure
  • Thru-Partition construction permits more cranking amps Price includes FREE GROUND DELIVERY 48 STATES
    NO AIR DELIVERY due to acid pack
  • 1 Year Warranty

Vehicles that sYB9L-A2 works in

Atlas Tool and Mfg. Co. Models ER2600, ER650, ER2650, ER3280All Years
Honda 250cc CA72 Dream Touring (late)(1963-1966)
Honda 250cc CB72 Hawk(1961-1966)
Honda 305cc CA77 Dream Touring(late)(1963-1969)
Honda 305cc CB77 Superhawk(1961-1968)
Kawasaki 110cc KLF110-B Mojave Elect. Start(1987-1988)
Kawasaki 250cc EL250, HS(1988-1993)
Kawasaki 250cc EX250 Ninja, R(1986-1994)
Kawasaki 305cc EX305-B GP1983
Kawasaki 500cc H1 Series(1973-1975)
Kawasaki 500cc KH500-A1976
Lawn Boy Models 333,335,5802, 5803, 7258EAll Years
Lawn Boy Models 7259E,7260E, 8227E, 8228EAll Years
Lawn Boy Models 8229E,8229EA, 8233EAll Years
MuZ 660cc Skorpion(1995-2001)
Sears Models 131.96927, 131.969310All Years
Sears Models 131.96931, 131.96970All Years
Sears Models 502.256141, 502.256142All Years
Sears Models 536.250820, 536.250823All Years
Sears Models 536.250820, 536.250922All Years
Sears Models 536.25087All Years
Sears Models 536.255110, 536.255112All Years
Sears Models 536.255220, 536.255221All Years
Sears Models 536.255230, 536.255232All Years
Sears Models 536.255240, 536.255250All Years
Sears Models 536.657020, 536.657040All Years
Sears Models 536.657060, 536.657080All Years
Sears Models 536.658080, 536963100All Years
Sears Models 917.250740, 917.255120All Years
Sears Models 917.255121, 917.255180All Years
Sears Models 917.25541, 917.25558All Years
Sears Models 917.25932All Years
Yamaha 200cc CS3B, CS3C(1970-1971)
Yamaha 200cc CS51972
Yamaha 200cc RD200(1974-1976)
Yamaha 200cc YCS11968
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Technical Specifications
Length 5 5/16
Width 3
Height 5 1/2
Weight 7
Shipping Weight (lb.) 8
DC Output Voltage 12 V
Amp/Hr 9
C.C.A. 160
Model: sYB9L-A2
Manufacturer: Scorpion
Manufacturer Part #: sYB9L-A2
Made In: Asia
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Instruction Manual
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