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What Is The Best Battery Charger For My Motorcycle Battery?

Best Motorcycle Battery Charger


Noco G-1100 Motorcycle Battery ChargerA very common question that customer ask is: What is the best battery charger for my motorcycle battery? That really depends on the size and voltage of your battery, but for the sake of popularity we are just covering 12 volt Sealed Lead Acid Motorcycle and Powersport Batteries (AKA... Sealed, GEL, AGM, Wet Cell Batteries). If you have a small battery, under 20 AH(Amp/Hrs), the Battery Tender Junior may be the best choice. If you have a larger battery, you may want to use a slightly higher amp charger in order to not overwork your charger. For those larger Motorcycle / ATV batteries that fall within the 21-30 AH range we recommend the NOCO GENIUS2, or if you really want to prolong your batteries life the Battery Minder 1510 is a great desulfating charger for any powersport battery.

How should you choose the best motorcycle battery charger? While reviewing new battery chargers for your motorcycle battery, keep in mind that you'll likely want to use a multi-stage low-amp charger. Many riders find the best charger to be a fully automatic maintainer that can be set to charge for any length of time before shutting off, which helps to prevent overcharging of the battery. 

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