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Make the Bad Sulfation Go Away!

Sulfation (sul-fay-shun), the number one cause of early battery failures, can be safely reversed, using high frequency electronic pulses. Unlike other pulse type chargers that claim this or similar sounding features, VDC's BatteryMINDers® use a range of high frequencies. This ensures both old and newly formed sulfation will be safely dissolved in the shortest possible time. Using just one fixed frequency may remove some, but not all, especially long established–hardened sulfate crystals. more...

What Is the Best Battery Charger for my Motorcycle Battery?

That really depends on the size and voltage of your battery. If you have a small battery, under 6 amps storage, the Battery Tender Junior may be the best choice. If you have a larger battery, and may want to use your charger for other purposes, the Noco Genius G-1100 or the Battery Minder Plus would be a good way to go. more...

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