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SkyJack Lift Chargers Tested and has put together the widest selection of 24 volt industrial lift battery chargers. These industrial lift chargers will keep your Sky Jack and Bil-Jax equipment charged and ready to be rented. Both our Sky Jack lift battery chargers and the Bil-Jax lift battery chargers feature DeltaVolt 5 stage charging technology by Pro Charging Systems. Made in the USA, Eagle Series chargers control the specific gravity exactly to battery manufacturer recommendations, and will charge and help maintain your lift equipment batteries.

Bil-Jax Incorporated Equipment

Trailer Mounted Boom Lifts: 2622T, 3522A, 3632T, 4527A, 5533A
Battery Charger Part Number: B01-05-0056
Self Propelled Boom Lifts: 45XA, 55XA
Battery Charger Part Number: B01-05-0056

Skyjack Corporation Equipment

DC Electric Scissor lifts: SJII or SJIII Compact Series, 3015, 3215, 3219, SJII or SJIII Conventional Series, 3220, 3226, 4620, 4626, 4632, 4832, 6832, 6826
24 Volt System Part Numbers: 128537AH



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