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JLG Lift Chargers Tested and ApprovedJLG has introduced Delta Volt charging products as aftermarket approved chargers for all their machines. From scissor lifts, booms, sky jacks and more, search for an exact replacement battery charger for your JLG machine. All Pro Charging Systems Delta Volt chargers are made in the United States and will all safely charge your batteries to 100% capacity time after time.

Browse our selection of industrial battery chargers by Pro Charging Systems/Dual Pro below or contact the experts today.


JLG Electric Powered Aerial Platforms

JLG Scissor Lifts: 1532E, 1932E, 2033E, 2046E, 2646E, 2658E
USA / Belgium Built Units: 2901844 or 2901846

JLG Scissor Lifts:
1532E2, 1932E2, 2032E2, 2632E2, 2646E2, 3246E2, 1532E3, 1932E3, 2033E3, 2046E3, 2646E3, 2658E3
USA Built Units: 0400170, 0400204, 0400178
Japan Built Units: 0400177, 0400204, 0400179

JLG Scissor Lifts:
1930ES, 2030ES, 2630ES, 2646ES, 3246ES
USA / Belgium Built Units: 0400218, 0400220

JLG Scissor Lifts:
1230ES, 1930ES, 2030ES, 2630ES, 2646ES, 3246ES
USA / Belgium / China Built Units: 0400238, 1001112111, 1001128737

JLG Scissor Lifts:
M3369, M4069, 3369LE, 4069LE
MAC Battery Charger: 0400188
Delta-Q Charger: 1001103105

Towable & Trailer Boom Lifts:
T350, T500J MAC Battery Charger: 0400164

Towable & Trailer Boom Lifts:
T350, T500J
Delta-Q Charger: 0400236, 1001133506

Articulating Boom Lifts:
E400A, E400AJ, E400AN, E450A, E600, E600J, E600JP
MAC Battery Charger: 0400196
Delta-Q Charger: 1001123054, 0270040 Serial Number - 144567 to present

Articulating Jib Plus Lifts: E300AJP, E400AJP, E450AJP
MAC Battery Charger: 0400188, 0400196, Serial Number - 0300138358 and earlier
Delta-Q Charger: 1001103105, Serial Number - 0300138359 to present

JLG Vertical Mast Lifts:
15MSP, 20MSP, 15MVL, 20MVL
Various Battery Chargers: 0274875, 1001102932, 1001104613, 0274875, 1001102932, 1001104613

JLG Vertical Mast Lifts:
10VP, 15VP, 20VP
Various Battery Chargers: 0400164