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Pulse Tech 12v On-Board Desulfator Power Pulse PP12L

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Product InformationStore Part Number: PP12L


Designed Especially For Frequently-Charged 12-Volt Battery Systems.

Selected as a Top 50 Product by Automotive Engineering magazine, the 12-Volt PowerPulse is designed to ensure maximum battery performance on single 12-volt lead-acid batteries. It also works on two or three 12-volt batteries connected in parallel. This unit is ideal for virtually any kind of vehicle or equipment that is charged on a regular basis, including cars, over-the-road trucks, delivery trucks, boats, emergency vehicles, generators and much more. It comes with lugs that connect directly to the battery terminals.

PowerPulse is not a charger. It’s a performance device designed to help batteries charge faster and provide maximum performance and power. This patented unit uses our revolutionary ReNew-IT Pulse Technology™ to safely prevent the main cause of battery problems and failure: sulfation buildup on lead-acid battery plates. Used extensively by consumers and the U.S. Military worldwide for fifteen years, this technology has been scientifically proven by two major universities to make batteries work harder and last longer than you ever thought possible.

PowerPulse can be powered in two different ways. When the battery is being charged — either by an onboard charger or a separate charging system — it will use the charging current as a power source. The rest of the time it uses a small portion of the battery’s own energy so it is working 24-hours a day. The PowerPulse system can also be used together with an existing charging system. In fact, it will work even faster and stronger. This means batteries can be both charged and desulfated at the same time. #PP12L


  • Ensures peak battery performance by eliminating the main cause of lead-acid battery problems and failure — sulfation buildup on the battery plates.
  • Increases battery life span up to three times longer.
  • Provides greater charge acceptance so batteries recharge faster and with better quality.
  • Works with all conventional flooded lead-acid batteries and sealed “maintenance-free” batteries, including Valve Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA), Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) and gel cell.
  • Includes an LED light that indicates the circuit is energized and the unit is working.
  • Safe, reliable, and weatherproof.


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Tech Specs

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 4 x 1.75 x 1 in
  • Weight: .5 lb
  • Shipping Weight: 1.0 lb
  • Minimum Voltage: 9.5v
  • Maximum Voltage: 34v
  • Manufacturer: Pulse Tech
  • DC Input Current: 10 mA
  • Desulphation Pulse: 3.26 MHz
  • Enclosure: Fiber Glass Composite
  • Warranty: 5 Year
  • Manufacturer Part #: PP12L
  • UPC: 850444004467

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Rated 5.00/5 Stars from 7 customer reviews.

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English Canal Boats
Pros: I was hunting for something to extend the life of the batteries fitted on my canal boat. The product seemed just right and Graham in the Tech Team was very helpful and patient answering all my questions. The next problem was getting it shipped to England, not a problem for Robin in sales. I will not know if it is working for a while, but if customer service is an indicator of product quality I have nothing to worry about.
Cons: There aren't any
I am passing the word amongst my fellow canal boaters.
Is this review helpful?
Written by on Jun 21, 2012. Ownership: Just Bought. Knowledge Level: Electricity doesn't scare me.. usually — (92 of 175 customers found this review helpful
Pulse Tech 12v Desulfator Pluse PP12L
Pros: An excellent product. Easy to use and highly effective.
Cons: None
Is this review helpful?
Written by on Feb 26, 2013. Ownership: Just Bought. Knowledge Level: Electricity doesn't scare me.. usually — (86 of 169 customers found this review helpful
Power Pulse works
Pros: Looks to be working great.
Cons: None so far
I bought a second one, however I bought it from another site only because the other site accepted Paypal so I was not forced into using a credit card.
Is this review helpful?
Written by on Apr 14, 2012. Ownership: Use regularly. Knowledge Level: Genius is my way of life — (94 of 176 customers found this review helpful
Excellent So Far
Pros: Very compact and easy to use. Time will tell if it extends my battery life or not. With the higher costs of AGM batteries, it is well worth $40 for an extra year or more.
Cons: None
Is this review helpful?
Written by on Feb 15, 2012. Ownership: Just Bought. Knowledge Level: AC/DC is more than a band — (88 of 170 customers found this review helpful
Great Power Pulse Product
Pros: Hi Guys and Gals, Purchased this unit in Feb this year when my 3-1/2 old battery in my Safari van was failing slowly but surely with dimming head lights and slower turn overs etc. I travel around 24,000 miles per year so I am very in tune with everything about my 346,000 mile vehicle and I can tell you that right around 3 weeks after installing this unit I was coming back from Raleigh, NC and I said to my passenger that Power Pulse really does work and I can actually see at night again, wow.. I was really glad desulfation was happening because batteries today especially lead acids just don't last longer than 4 years tops and this will not only give me safety on the road but save me money from purchasing a battery. Note: recommended this to another person and he's seeing improvement on his 7 year old battery in his Passat / VW...
Cons: None and use the Solargizers also for motorcycles and boats. All Products perform as advertised.
Is this review helpful?
Written by on Sep 13, 2012. Ownership: I've thought about naming it.... Knowledge Level: AC/DC is more than a band — (89 of 169 customers found this review helpful
Still working as claimed
Pros: As far as I can tell, it does what it claims.
Cons: None so far
Been using this product in a boat for almost 5 years now. I live in in a climate where the boat sits for 5 to 6 months each year. I paired it with a ProXtra 6 Amp smart charger. I have yet to need a replacement battery. If it croaks for whatever reason, I'm getting another.
Is this review helpful?
Written by on Mar 26, 2012. Ownership: Use regularly. Knowledge Level: Electricity doesn't scare me.. usually — (88 of 167 customers found this review helpful
Pros: Bought 2 of these units per the outstanding tech support (Anthony) at for our bank of 4 deep cycle batteries. they were not accepting a full charge, and had never been low on electrolyte but were 1 year deep cycle from East Penn, not true deep cycle. Been running these units for about a month now, and batteries are now coming up fully charged! I was warned about many of these units being a waste of money, but these do seem to work and are affordable. we are adding a 2nd battery bank and plan on installing these on the new batteries.
Cons: none that I can see
Is this review helpful?
Written by on Dec 13, 2013. Ownership: Just Bought. Knowledge Level: AC/DC is more than a band — (92 of 169 customers found this review helpful

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