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Why is My 12 Volt Battery Reading as 13 Volts?

All Lead acid batteries are made up of a series of 2.2-volt cells that are bridged together in series to reach their final desired voltage. The actual resting voltage, or the voltage a battery will settle at 12-24 hours after being removed from the charger, is closer to 2.1 volts per cell. more...

Will I Need to Charge My Motorcycle, ATV, or Snowmobile Battery When it Arrives?

When you order an AGM maintenance free battery from, it is first filled, charged, and load tested before it is shipped out. This process allows for you to receive your battery ready to install and ride! more...

Battery Terminology

A list of common technical terms and definitions referring to batteries, chargers, and electricity in general. This is a good place to start if you want to learn how to interpret the specifications on most of our products. more...

Can I Use a Battery Tender on my Shorai Battery?

While your typical Battery Tender charger is compatible with these LiFeP04 batteries, Shorai says you should use a Battery Tender "only if you really need to". The best charger to use on a Shorai Battery is their Sho-BMS01 LFX charger. Using Shorai's own charger will enable the battery to reach the possible lifespan of 5-7 years. Be aware of what Shorai says is considered safe and not safe when it comes to charging their batteries. If you have any other questions, give us a call at 541-474-4421. more...

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