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Robin's Corner | AGM or Gel Battery

Robin's Corner

First of all if you have a bike and your looking for a battery for it don’t get confused over AGM or Gel.  There are only a couple of bikes that are actually made for a Gel battery and I believe they are BMW bikes.  (They are made with a specific type of charging system that can handle the Gel battery)

Ok AGM stands for (Absorbed Glass Mat ) which means that the liquid that you would find in a wet cell battery is still there only the glass mat’s have absorbed all of it so that you don’t have it swooshing around inside the battery.  Then the battery is sealed so that there is no worries about maintaining the battery.

You may be asking yourself is it really that simple, I have to tell you that yes it is….we have more information on our web page under tutorials.


 "Complicated thinking doesn’t always answer the question."

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