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Battery Myth | Classic Problem for a Classic Car - A Look at the Jaguar

When you think of classic cars, one car that comes to mind is the Jaguar. Jaguars are and always have been manufactured based on the highest of vehicle standards. Anyone who is an avid collector has one, and those who do not, believe their collection incomplete because of this missing icon of automobile excellence. Most collectors that do posses the Jaguar have found that working on the Jaguar can be extremely rewarding. This may seem like an expensive hobby, and it is but not as expensive as one may think. Finding Jaguar parts, accessories and forgotten hardware for the older models is not as difficult as you may think. In fact there are quite a few parts that can be found online at auction sites. There are even sites dedicated to the Jaguar and its parts, both old and new.


When buying online though, especially used parts, you must be careful of the quality of the parts as some of them may be rotted away or cease to work. There are many reasons for this. One reason is that classics tend to sit, and only be used for one season. One part that commonly goes bad when they sit is the battery. If for some reason your classic will not start up at the start of the new season don’t get worried. Motorcycles tend to have the same problem since motorcyclists tend to leave their bikes unused during the winter season. To fix this they have to replace their motorcycle batteries, you may have to do the same. For this reason it is suggested that you either keep a spare battery all sealed up, or buy a new one at the beginning of the season. So don’t be afraid to invest in some classic vehicles, especially if you can get your hands on a Jaguar. It may just be the most exciting investment of your life. has been in the battery business for many years and offers a wide assortment of battery-related products ranging from AGM marine batteries to high quality trickle chargers. They also have all those “hard to find” miscellaneous batteries that can be such a hassle to find a replacement for.

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