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Written Tutorial | Did I Receive a Bad Battery?

When you order a PowerSports battery from BatteryStuff, you always receive a fresh, ready to install battery. When we ship our maintenance free AGM powersports batteries, they are pre-filled, charged and ready to install. These batteries are sealed and considered “dry” batteries. Because our batteries are freshly activated you may occasionally see small acid stains on the packaging.

Battery Leak

Battery Ventilation

AGM batteries are ‘fully sealed’, but do have pressure vents sealed underneath the battery top. There are ventilation slots on the lid of the battery that are designed to let out any pressure that may build up inside the battery due to heat cycling. This prevents the battery from exploding should it be overcharged.

On these rare occasions where acid stains are visible the battery was filled and activated immediately prior to shipping, and there may be some free electrolyte that has not yet been fully absorbed. When the battery is air shipped, and possibly on it’s side or even upside down during transit, the atmospheric pressure difference may force out some of this extra electrolyte out of the normally sealed pressure vents.  This is a very miniscule amount of acid, amounting to no more than a couple eye droplets in volume. This is nothing to worry about, and WILL NOT affect the batteries life or performance. It will also NOT leak any further once properly installed in your application.

Good Battery

If you take the battery out of the box and give it a quick wipe down, the battery is perfectly good. There should be no extra leaking acid and there would be no negative effect on performance. If after seeing any acid stains, you are not confident in the condition of your battery, just let us know and we will work toward satisfying you on your purchase. We want you to be fully confident in your battery!


However, if there is a pool of acid on the box or packaging this is NOT considered normal. There may have been some mis-handling of the package during the delivery, and the battery may have been physically damaged.

Battery Leak

Battery Damaged

If this is the case, please contact us as soon as possible. With a few details provided by you, we should be able to replace your battery immediately.

If we require the damaged battery to be returned to us, please try to re-package the battery as best as possible. We also need to be able to verify the damage prior to it being returned to us, so be sure to follow our complete warranty procedure.

Damaged Package

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