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Liquid Battery Restoration with Battery Equaliser

 Battery Equalizer Liquid Solution

It's morning and you're running late to work. You skip breakfast against your stomachs wishes in attempt to make up for the lost time. After getting in the car you think you’re home free. But you start to worry all over again when you turn the key and the engine sluggishly turns over. You try and second and a third time. Luckily the car finally starts and you rush off to work. During the drive or later in the day you might think back and realize that your battery almost let you down. It didn't die on you this time, but what about next time?

Is my battery dying?

If you're a regular commuter, then you probably don't experience battery troubles too often. Regularly using your motor vehicle will keep the battery charged after the end of every good long ride. So, why did your 'not so old' battery act like it's on its last legs of life? While there can be a variety of battery problems, statistically the most common cause of early battery failure is Sulfation.

Sulfation is a residue that remains on the plates of a battery after current is produced. This residue increases with each charge/discharge cycle. Over time the residue/resistance will choke out the batteries ability to produce an electrical current. Sulfation is a naturally occurring process.

Symptoms of a Battery with Heavy Sulfation

  • Greater than normal self-discharge rate ("My battery won't hold a charge")
  • Inability to reach full charge (12.6 or below resting voltage)
  • Poor performance (trouble starting engine or less runtime for deep cycle applications)
  • Visually inspect the cells and notice crystal buildup on plates (flooded batteries only)


So, you have a weak battery and sulfation is probably the cause. Here's an important question to ask yourself:
"Should I just replace the battery, or can I restore it?"

Choosing to restore your battery is not a bad option as it can be less expensive than buying a new one. Because sulfation is a chemical issue, the best form of battery repair is also accomplished chemically. We offer a liquid solution called Battery Equaliser specifically designed to extend your battery life and increase performance.

Battery Equaliser Can Restore Your Battery

Battery Equaliser is a non-corrosive, non-flammable, liquid solution for battery treatment. It is formulated to extend the life and performance of any new or used lead acid battery. Because it's a liquid additive, it will only work for flooded batteries*, also called ‘wet cell’ batteries. Battery Equaliser improves battery chemistry which prevents sulfation from occurring in new batteries, and breaks up existing sulfation in older batteries. This additive returns batteries as close to new** as possible, with continued normal maintenance


Liquid Solution
  • Reduces charge time
  • Increases running time
  • Holds charge longer
  • No wires
  • No switches
  • No timers



Simply stated, Battery Equaliser makes your battery last longer. The restoration happens the moment the liquid solution is added in per cell. For a standard car battery, the treatment recommended is 1/2 oz per cell. As with all good battery maintenance practices, we recommend always charging your battery regularly. Keeping your weak battery on a smart charger and having a single treatment of Battery Equaliser should properly restore your battery to a healthier condition. No more trouble starting your car or other application.

 Restore Your Battery Now

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