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Logic & Common Sense | Get the Inside Scoop Before a Purchase

Logic and Common SenseSetting aside scientific data, we can sometimes use common sense and logic to study a product. What are the claims made by the product? Could it possible do what the manufacturer claims? Use a jump start battery pack for example, like a  smaller units that fit under your car seat and intended to recharge your dead battery enough to start your car. You are in essence taking a small battery and transferring what energy it has to a much larger battery.  Will this work?  Sometimes. But is sometimes good enough?

What about solar?  If we could recharge a trolling motor size battery in a few hours with a small solar panel, we would all be driving solar powered cars.  But we don't, so you can't. It takes many Amps and much $$$ to do this, and is usually cheaper to buy a generator. In any portable application, or low draw setup solar is great, but it is not ready for the 'Big time'. Enter common sense and logic, and a decent amount of trial and error on our part. We do our best to ferret out any issues with the products we carry so you don't have to.

Sometimes using your head can save your wallet.

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