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Motocross vs. Yuasa | Which is the Best Motorcycle Battery?

Motocross Vs Yuasa

You might be looking for a replacement battery for your motorcycle. There's a good chance that the battery that came with your bike may have been a Yuasa, especially if your bike is a Honda or a Suzuki. But now you might be considering a replacement battery, and you're not sure if you can trust another brand. Maybe you got 7-8 years of life from your OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) battery. Can a brand like Motocross compete with that?

First, let's look at Yuasa:

Yuasa (pronounced "You-Aw-Sah") is almost a household name when it comes to motorcycle batteries. Since 1979, Yuasa has been manufacturing OEM Batteries in the USA for new motorcycles, ATVs, and other power sports applications. Although Yuasa has factories in Japan and Taiwan, they manufacture their large capacity powersports batteries in Laureldale, Pennsylvania. They offer a wide selection of both conventional wet-cel and sealed AGM batteries. These are good batteries, hands down.

So, what about Motocross?

Believe it or not, Motocross is manufactured in the same factory, the same assembly process, at the same time as the Yuasa. The only difference is the label applied at the end of the manufacturing process. Motocross came about as a way for Yuasa to enter the ever growing aftermarket, without disrupting their already established brick and mortar new bike dealerships. This allows them access to a much broader market share, at a much more reasonable price point.

So, basically, when you buy a Motorcross replacement battery, you're really getting a Yuasa.

Motocross Battery Wins!There you have it. This round of Versus is really about shedding some light on a common misconception. Motorcross is not better than Yuasa when it comes to performance. They are just as good. However, they are the winners when it comes to a better deal. Buying a replacement battery from Yuasa will typically be marked up in price because they sell directly to bike manufacturers. But the Motocross is marketed as the affordable alternative replacement battery.

You really can't go wrong if you go with Motocross. It's the winner's choice.

Choose Your Motocross Battery

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